Neutrogena Foot Cream Review

Neutrogena Foot Cream Review

Well, men wear socks most of the day because they wear shoes, thus their feet are always very clean and protected. Women wear sandals, have delicate feet, and do household work; ending up with rough feet and cracked heels.  So did I, and this is when I needed a foot cream.  Let’s read on further to find out whether this worked on softening my feet skin or not.


Product Description:

Neutrogena foot cream is a dermatologist tested cream that moisturizes and softens for more than 17 hours. This concentrated formula delivers prompt relief for even seriously dry, rough feet. It restores skin’s softness and helps keep dry patches from coming back. Feet are left feeling noticeably softer and smoother. The cream is concentrated, glycerin rich and long lasting.


Not mentioned.


$5 for 56 gm – 2 oz.


My Experience with Neutrogena Foot Cream:

The product comes in a small squeezable tube, with a nozzle that dispenses controlled amount of the cream. The cream itself is whitish in color which goes colorless on application, thick and absorbs like a dream.  It has a very mild pleasant fragrance. A tiny amount is sufficient to cover the desired area. The foot cream provides ideal moisturization to the feet without making them greasy.


I apply it at night and put on socks after that because of the severe winter here, and my feet feels like I have just applied the cream even after 15 hours; so the claims are true. It helps get away dry patches and roughness from feet, making them soft and pampered. Also, in the long run, with religious use, it improves the overall skin of the feet. However, the product is not as such effective for the heel area which is also understandable as it doesn’t even claims to heal cracked heels.


Overall, I am pretty happy with Neutrogena Foot Cream as it has provided visible improvement to my feet in four weeks.

Pros of Neutrogena Foot Cream:

  • Ideally moisturizing.
  • Enriched with glycerin.
  • Very long-lasting moisturization, up to 15 hours.
  • Makes feel soft and heals dry patches and roughness.
  • Fairly priced.
  • A tiny amount is sufficient for a foot.

Cons of Neutrogena Foot Cream:

  • Ingredients are not listed.

IMBB Rating:

For moisturization 10/10
For long term effects 7.5/10

Do I Recommend/Would I Repurchase Neutrogena Foot Cream?

Mmmm, yes I am going to stay with the Neutrogena Foot Cream and duly recommended.

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