Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment Review

Skin type: oily-sensitive, acne prone

Hello friends,

Hope you are doing great and enjoying the dandiya season. We are also enjoying fasting and golu season. Yay! As I mentioned earlier, with God’s grace, we performed Mata Ki Chowki and Preeti Bhoj in our nearby temple with the help of our caring friends and neighbours. Now bigger responsibilities have come up with several anxieties, fatigue and sleepless nights. We cannot wait to gear up in our dandiya costumes. Naturally, the responsibility of preparing dinner and performing pooja in a foreign land is both exciting and stressful. In fact, I even started getting this nasty big and red acne on my face. I stopped applying makeup and tried AHA gels, but they only enhanced them further. Finally, this drugstore product came to my rescue, just a day before our big day. Let’s read more about Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment.


Price: $6.99 for 0.75 Oz
Product Description:
On-the-Spot® Acne Treatment is a spot acne treatment that provides maximum-strength results without drying out your face. It goes deep down in pores to kill the acne bacteria that cause pimples and helps stop new ones from forming.
Some medicated spot treatments contain high doses of Benzoyl Peroxide that can irritate skin, causing redness and dryness that can make acne worse. On-the-Spot® Acne Treatment contains just 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, yet it provides the same maximum level of effectiveness with 70% less irritation.
Fight acne and get maximum-strength results with an acne spot treatment that won’t dry out your face.
⦁ Oil-free
⦁ Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
⦁ 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide

My Experience with Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment:

The acne gel comes in a hygienic and sturdy plastic tube packaging with a twist over cap. It does have a medicinal smell but nothing to be concerned. Overall, I like this user-friendly and travel-friendly packaging. Talking about the gel, I like its lightweight and fast absorbing formula as it gets nicely absorbed into my skin. This means that I can easily apply it during daytime. It is pretty easy to use as I just need to clean the skin with a face wash and then gently dab this treatment on the affected area. However, I really don’t get the idea of “on-the-spot acne relief” as it took me some 48 hours to see a considerable reduction in my acne.


I had actually picked this acne treatment up hoping for a miracle. Well, I was hoping this cream to work too quickly. I thought it would dry up my big acne blemishes but turned out to be a regular acne cream as takes it own time to dry up and diminish the blemishes from our skin. But I won’t call it a useless cream because I did see visible reduction in severe redness. It also helped in preventing my acne from spreading to other areas of concern, which is really impressive. Unlike my previous acne cream gels, this one did not aggravate or accentuate dryness on my skin. I have been suffering from small acne on my forehead followed by big, bold and ugly red acne on my right cheek; this treatment simply gave me clean and clear skin within two days of application. I used it twice a day (AM and PM) and never noticed any peeling or unusual dryness on my face.


Honestly, I like it better than other spot treatments. This one did reduce the severe redness of blemishes and also because it did not tingle or burn my skin. I would definitely recommend this cream to beauties with sensitive and acne prone skin types, considering its mild yet effective results on acne. But, you have to be patient and wait for 1-2 days to see actual results. Personally, I am happy with the results. I won’t get it again, though. This treatment is a bit slower than expected. I often get blemishes which fade on their own within 2-3 days, so the idea of using a cream does not sound fascinating unless it provides instant results.


Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment:

⦁ A lightweight gel-cream to target acne and blemishes
⦁ Fast-absorbing
⦁ Definitely works as per the claims
⦁ Does not burn or irritate sensitive skin
⦁ Does not aggravate or accentuate dryness
⦁ Mild on skin but tough on acne
⦁ Instantly reduces severe redness
⦁ Prevents blemishes from spreading
⦁ Reduces size and diameter of acne
⦁ Cleanses the skin within 2 days of regular usage
⦁ Good enough to be used during daytime
⦁ Can be used under a sunscreen
⦁ Quite inexpensive
⦁ Travel-friendly packaging

Cons of Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment:

⦁ I did not see any spot treatment

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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