Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Neutrogena “Visibly Clear” Gentle Exfoliating Wash that I’ve been using for the past few months. This is one of the very few face washes that I strongly dislike and was a waste of my money. Read further to know why:

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Product Description:

  • Cleanses deep into pores and helps clear spots for visibly clearer skin from day 1.
  • The unique formula with Microclear, a patented spot fighting technology, dissolves oil and helps reduce spot causing impurities to help clear spots from day 1.
  • With soft micro-beads, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses deep into pores removing trapped dirt, oil and make-up without over-drying your skin. Skin is left soft, smooth and visibly clear.


My Experience with Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash:

I’ve been using this face wash for quite a few months now and I like how it exfoliates my skin. The “soft micro-beads” aren’t too big and don’t cause any rashes or irritate my skin. My skin feels super soft after using this wash. I don’t use it everyday; I use it every other day so that I don’t over exfoliate my skin. It is suitable for everyday use too.

I have combination-oily skin and some face washes leave my skin feeling super stretched and dry.  This wash does not over-dry my skin even in the winters. I guess the idea of not over-drying the customer’s face has backfired on my skin because it doesn’t remove all the oil from the skin especially on my T-zone.  It does however remove traces of makeup from the face and neck and even chest areas. Every time I use this face wash, I feel like a bit of oil is still left off on my face. I have to all over again and wash it off with some face wash and its quite troublesome. I mean who would want to wash their face twice?!


This face wash hasn’t helped in clearing tiny spots on my face like it claims to. I’ve been using it for months and I haven’t seen any results. My spots have gotten lighter, but that’s just my skin fixing itself naturally. Also, it hasn’t reduced tiny breakouts entirely for me. Not that the face wash claimed to do so, but I expected it to since it clears the pores so well. But then again, I’m just 20 and I guess a few breakouts here and there are normal.

Overall, this face wash isn’t the best for summers when the skin tends to get super oily and sticky, but for winters, it’s pretty good. The only good part about this is that it’s a really good gentle exfoliating wash. That explains why I’ve been using it for months and not yet finished the tube; I do not like the product. I can’t believe a Neutrogena product has left me disappointed, sigh!



BD 3.500/Rs. 475 Approx. for 150 ml.

Pros of Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash:

  • Exfoliates the skin really well leaving it super soft; can be used every day.
  • Does not over dry the skin.
  • Can be used during winters.

Cons of Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash:

  • Does not remove all the oil/greasiness from the face, especially the T-zone area.
  • Does not clear spots or reduce breakouts on the skin.
  • Not the best face wash for summers.
  • Rs. 475 for a face wash that doesn’t live up to its claims is just a waste of money.

IMBB Rating:

2/5 ( 2 just for the exfoliating and not over-drying part.)

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash?

No, I really don’t like this face wash.

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13 thoughts on “Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash

  1. Most of the neutrogena cleansers and exfoliators have repeatedly disappointed me ……Looks like it let you down as well… worst experience was with the pink grapefruit range …….i became averse to all drugstore cleansers after that…..

    Neutrogena ,…..high time you check your formulations :spank:

    1. Neutrogena makes some of the worst face washes and scrubs IMO. 😐

      Hey but I thought the pink grapefruit range was good? I never tried it though. It just looks so nice or maybe I’m just judging a facewash by its cover now. 😛

  2. the blue things look so good, but its too mild for me too Preiti…..and washing the face twice is not done….he he……the white things look similar to the ones in Lotus pomegrante scrub but that one is a bit stronger and exfoliates nicely :woot: :woot:

    1. I know right?! Those blue beads look like lil magical dirt-fighting oil absorbing soldiers. I was so excited to use it when I bought it. :((

      Is the Lotus pomegranate scrub good? I really need a new scrub and I’ve got oily-combination skin. :((

    1. This last bad experience with neutrogena facewashes has left me so bummed out that I want to smack the dude in the face whoever came up with this ‘visibly clear’ exfoliating washes in neutrogena. Everytime I bought a neutrogena facewash it has left me disappointed and i guess i was just asking for it when I bought this one! lol 😛

      What a waste of money though.

  3. Though I havent tried the visibly clear range ,I love Neutrogena ,it has always been so good to my skin . I have used the liquid neutrogena facewash ,their deep clean scrub and their moisturizer and lip balm are my favourite :jiggy1:
    Too bad it didnt work for you 🙁

  4. I’ve used this.. U r right.. I never got that super clean feeling.. I use Eskinol papaya scrub.. It is very mild but good for exfoliation and brightens the skin too… My dullness has reduced.. If u r in gulf countries, u can find this.. It is damn cheap :))

    1. but this eskinol scrub gives breakouts on my sensitive skin.. I would suggest this for anyone with normal skin..

  5. Hi Preiti 🙂 its sad it didnt work for u 🙁
    Neutrogena products have always worked for me tho :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  6. Hi there.. it does not went perfect for me too. I am noticing the acne has not gone and it is harsh for my sensitive skin.. now I am looking for another daily wash for too much oily and acne prone skin..suggest me some if you have an idea.. thanks

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