New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear – Sheer Red Review

New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear – Sheer Red Review

Hi Beautifuls,

Happy Shri Krishna janamashtami to all of you 🙂 So, how many of you are fasting and going to visit colourful jhakis in your neighborhood? I still remember when we were kids, we used to visit every temple in our hometown just for those lively and colourful jhakis. Our friends used to paint themselves as various Gods, like shri Vishnu ji or shri Krishna and then they used to remain in the statue mode for 12 hours, ouch! It’s really bone chilling to even think of being a statue for 12 long hours! The main attraction of these exhibitions were live demonstration of baby shri Krishna carried by Vasudev while crossing high river storms and also the devil hirankashyapa vadh by shri Narsimha and many more.  Those were the golden days when we used to believe on everything we see and listen, it was a fantasy land 😀 Anyway, I am feeling nostalgic, so let’s move onto today’s review, which is about an awesome red or say “mera wala red” from New York Color.  So, please read on further to know about NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in “Sheer Red.”



$ 0.99 for 0.11 Oz (3.4 g)


Sheer Red Lipstick 2

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Product Description:

Looking for uptown style? New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear adds instant Upper East Side polish to your look at a rock- bottom price. A wardrobe of on-trend shades makes stealing runway looks simple. Built-in conditioner creates a creamy, dreamy texture on your lips for an ultra moisturized feel. From catwalk to sidewalk in seconds, now you’re ready to take on Manhattan!

Sheer Red Lipstick 3


This gorgeous lipstick comes in an ordinary but attractive plastic bullet packaging with transparent cap to give detailed view of the shade just by looking at the case. The case seems brittle, but it is travel friendly if handled with a little care 😛 The mild vanilla smell is hardly noticeable which is added benefit for sensitive noses. The lipstick does not retract completely inside the bullet, so it needs to be handed with care every time.

Sheer Red Lipstick 4

My Experience with New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear – Sheer Red:

I love reds after pinks and mauves of course.  I have enough reds, but still, whenever I shop and spot any red lipstick or gloss, my hands naturally itch to pick it up 😛 However, when I first noticed this lipstick in bullet, I picked it for my mum in law because it was looking way too dark and my mum in law loves dark shades, but when I applied it on my lips, it was much sheer and wearable for me too; hence I kept it for myself (well, she gave it to me actually) 😀 As the name suggests, “Sheer Red,” this seems to be a mix of cherry/berry red which has sheer pigmentation on lips. As we say “looks are deceiving,” the shade in bullet is never visible on the lips even if you swipe it a million times on the lips, it is way too sheer on lips than what it appears in the bullet.

Sheer Red Lipstick 5

Sheer Red Lipstick 6

It looks a very pretty red on lips which will suit almost every age and skin tone, believe me! When my mum in law swatched it, she pulled it off very gracefully and it looks equally pretty on me too 😀 I feel it would be an ultimate red for those who love sheer lipsticks, it seems to be a hybrid of lip balm and lip gloss as it hydrates well and gives a glossy shine to the lips.  The texture is very fair as compared to the price we pay.

Sheer Red Lipstick 7

Sheer Red Lipstick 8

Its one swipe won’t be enough to cover pigmented lips, so beauties with pigmented lips may need to swipe it at least 4-5 times for proper coverage and pigmentation.  Still, I felt it is slightly better than WnW lipsticks in terms of packaging, color pay off and almost everything. It is creamy in texture which hydrates lips very well. You may well notice a juicy sheen after wearing it on bare lips. However, since it is a sheer shade out of all NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipsticks, hence it barely stays for 4 hours with heavy meals and water sips. I feel I should wear it on my fasting days 😀 Overall, it is worth every penny for sure and this sheer red is one of those lipsticks which I would definitely repurchase throughout my life.  My mum in law took 4-5 shades for her nieces and daughter in laws 😛

Sheer Red Lipstick 9

Sheer Red Lipstick 10

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear – Sheer Red:

  • A beautiful mix of cherry-berry red.
  • The color shown on the lips is way too sheer than what we actually see in the bullet.
  • It does not have shimmer, feels subtle on the lips.
  • It is sheer but after 3-4 swipes, it looks pretty vibrant and bold on the lips.
  • Even if you swipe it multiple times, it won’t bleed or fill in the fine lines.
  • The texture is really creamy and hydrating.
  • It does gives juicy, glossy shine to lips apart from sheer pigmentation.
  • Attractive packaging at dirt cheap price.

Sheer Red Lipstick 11

Red Lips

Cons of New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear – Sheer Red:

  • Staying power could have been more.
  • Since the lipstick does not retract completely, many times the tip gets crushed by the cap 😛

Well, keeping aside the cons, I feel “Sheer Red” is a good pick for all lovely ladies who are searching for a juicy creamy lipstick at a pocket-friendly price. Do not trust the color you see in the bullet, swatch it and you will be amazed by its beautiful sheer berry red tint. I am sure you will love it as much as I am loving it wearing on my lips right now.

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