Nexcare Acne Solution Acne Dots Review

Nexcare Acne Solution Acne Dots Review

Product Description:

Clears Pimple, fast! The water based material of the dots acts like a sponge to absorb oily secretions, fluid or pus. The material is waterproof yet breathable to allow faster healing. It acts like an acne barrier by reducing hand contact and preventing infection.  There are no chemicals in this product and involves only the physical action of absorbing fluid, makeup. Acne dots are skin colored and transparent.



Rs. 49 for 1 pack.


• 12 mm- 3 dots
• 8 mm – 4 dots


How To Use:

1. Clean face well, especially the acne-affected area with acne solution. Gently pat dry with clean towel.

2. Remove the Nexcare Acne Dots from the box and peel open the plastic pouch. Select a suitable sized dot, which is able to cover the acne and place it centred on the acne opening. Ensure skin is dry before placing the dot. Gently press the edges for better adhesion.

3. Keep the acne dot on overnight. When the acne dot color changes from skin color to white (See Diagram* below), it means the oily secretion has been absorbed. Replace the dot with a new one.

4. Keep unused dots in a plastic pouch and store in a cool, dry place. If you need to wear makeup, use dots before applying.


The Nexcare Acne dots come in a thin sheet of paper, which is sealed with plastic film. When you remove the plastic film, it contains another plastic piece which holds the actual acne dots. I like that a lot of care has been given to packaging.

Check pictures below for better understanding 😛





My Experience with Nexcare Acne Solution Acne Dots:

I was checking a makeup tutorial on Youtube by one South East Asian makeup artist and she used some plastic film-like dots over her breakouts before applying her makeup.

Now that left me; (someone who suffers from acne/breakouts very often ) deeply intrigued. I did some research on these acne-covering patches and found a lot of reviews on this particular brand “Nexcare.”

While I was happy that I could trace the brand, I was still worried whether I would find this brand in India.  To my surprise, Nexcare products are easily available in India at most chemist shops. In fact, they have a proper website too, which you can check here.

So, I picked two of these packs and tried them on my breakouts.

The acne dots are light amber-coloured and not completely transparent. They have slight rubber like texture and are sticky on one side. The sticky side needs to be applied on the breakouts to cover them.

I have finished up using both the packs I had and I am fairly satisfied with it.  I don’t see any drastic reduction in pimple size even when I use this overnight, but I do see slight reduction. Also, I don’t see the acne dot absorbing oil/pus as claimed, I have never seen it (acne dot) turning white as shown in the picture.

I tend to touch my breakouts (which I shouldn’t be doing) and that’s what I like about the acne dot, that it covers up my breakouts and I don’t bother about my breakouts then 😀

I also use it under makeup as I hate to conceal breakouts and I would prefer to use these acne dots. Even though it is not like completely invisible/transparent and does stay slightly raised, but I don’t mind at all.

I also use these acne dots when I go out and I feel that it keeps the pollution away from my pimples (and prevent them from getting worse). I don’t know whether it does work or not, but I am kind of at peace when I use this 😀

Overall, I like these acne dots and I would always repurchase. These are not so expensive, so you can give this a shot if you have acne prone skin too. It may/may not wok for you, but I didn’t have any side effect after using this.

Pros of Nexcare Acne Solution Acne Dots:

  • Reduces pimple size slightly.
  • Is a better way to cover a breakout over a concealer.
  • Prevents me from touching my breakouts.
  • Since it is skin colored/translucent, it can be worn even if you go out.
  • Good packaging, great for travel.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easily available across chemist shops in India.

Cons of Nexcare Acne Solution Acne Dots:

  • I don’t see any great effect on pimples after using this.
  • It is not completely invisible/transparent and shows slightly under the make p. However, in pictures your breakouts won’t show 😀

IMBB Rating:

3.75 on 5 :-* :-* :-*

Image Source: 4

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  1. This is something that even I was looking for.. Can you please tel me if using this will darken/lighten the acne mark?

  2. Oye……doremon…I have tried this…..its very good actually, but it does not work on big acne, lekin chotu acne par it works really well :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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  3. ZOMG! :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: What a life saving product this sounds! :pompom: I am surprised no one at IMBB had discovered this before. 😛 I am going to buy this today itself and use it to go Ninja on a loser of a pimple that has been dancing on my forehead for two days now. :spank:

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    i wil definatelyyyyyyyy check this… although it doesnt soudn super effective.. but its soo novell ..hehe..and evn i touch my breakouts .. so i guess this should work for me in that sense,pollution sense :hihi:
    mahan hai tu nupuri…once again :jaiho: :jaiho:

    1. Nehuuuu….. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
      jomol calls me doremon of IMBB tabhi coz me bring nu nu gadgets 😀 😀
      haan tu try kar k dekh yar :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  5. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: i just came back from a pharmacy!! will definitely purchase this next time! i wud luv to hav them esp when i hav a huge eewey-gooey 1 & i need to go out in dirty pollution, this will keep it from gettin it more eewey! thanku nupur for informin of this WONDERFUL product!! :puchhi:

  6. Is it available in chemist shop or where can i get it 4m? Vry informative review. Evn if it reduce pimple size, it wil b of gr8 help 🙂

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