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I have heard that using night creams is a must especially as one grows older. Besides the usual CTM routine, a night cream and an eyecream is very essential as it helps keep the skin hydrated. I am currently using the Loreal eye cream and yesterday for a night cream I bought the Lotus ‘Nutranite’ skin renewal Night Crème (all skin types). My question is whether anyone has used this particular night cream? If yes, is this a good one?

Does anyone have any other suggestions/recommendations on a good night cream? I am an oily/combination skin type. I am 43 and I know most of this group on IMBB are in their 20’s but any help would be welcome.

My ritual at night is 1) Oil of Olay cleanser, Biotique eyes and face cleanser (almond oil I think) for the eyes and the TBS tea tree blackheads scrub. The scrub is typically trice a week. I end the ritual with the eye cream and since yesterday the Lotus night cream.



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  1. I would suggest Pond’s Age Miracle Overnight Repair cream…..its nice!! My elder sister uses it and she really likes it. :))

  2. hey i will give you a list of some products my mom uses, and is happy with. the body shop range called wise woman has a nice night cream. oil of olay has a lovely night cream too.
    if you are looking for something more regular, then garnier night cream with cherry (the one in red bottle) has been good too.

    i also would recommend that you buy some nice almond oil and use it too.

    1. ah interesting..wise woman? wonder if thats available in in Hyd. will keep a watch out..appreciate your inputs. i have almond oil for the face and eyes but i use it for eyes mostly at night.

      1. Aruna, this is available in hyd, visit the TBS counter in GVK One phone num is 040-64603941 or the one in Inorbit first flooor….all the best.

      2. My mom uses Dabur Almond oil or Hamdard’s Roghan Badam Shirin (both can be taken with milk too) mixed with some aloe vera gel. It soothes her skin and nourishes it on days she does not want to use a proper night cream. It does help that she stores this mixture in the fridge and it feels very cooling when applied after a day out in the sun.

        Here is her beauty routine
        She washes her face with a facewash , applies this aloe gel and almond oil mixture all over her face and neck as soon as she is back from work. Just before sleeping she rinses her face and applies the wise woman range. On days she is too tired she just sleeps with the aloe gel and almond oil mix.

        1. Is the aloe vera gel easily available everywhere or are there specific shops that wud sell it?. I have used some of the aloe vera body lotions before but never actually bought the gel..

  3. I am 33 & I have very oily skin. I use Patanjali Aloe vera gel as night cream & I find it very good. 🙂 It’s very reasonably priced too.
    For undereyes I use Blossom kochar almond under eye cream at night.

  4. Loreal revitalift probably if ur skin isnt sensitive…

    or may be you can try anti-ageing creams from Forest Essentials…I’ve read they are good…

  5. Olay serum is very good for your age.. use it at night.. it can do wonders for your skin. my mommy loves it 🙂

  6. Hi Aruna, My mum’s 50 and she uses The Body Shop Wise Woman range and she loves it. Wise Woman range is for 50+ women. TBS has another range for 40s age range..I don’t remember the name and can’t find it on the website also but I’ve seen it in the store. My mum’s used Lotus nutranite also , she found it good but she finds Wise Woman range better. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. definitely helps..thanks a ton. I think the toss up is between wise woman and Pond’s age miracle. I dont get blossom kochar in Hyd. 🙁

      1. Aruna, you do get blossom kochar in hyd, visit the Health and Glow store in Karkhana road or the one in Jubilee hills….you will easily find these.

        1. oh ok..i am closest to the madhapur one or the one in Inorbit one and the one in inorbit dosent have it so..but good thing i have lots of options now..thanks.

  7. Hi Aruna, since you have not used any particular night treatment cream, would suggest you start with retinol based creams, it will suit your oily skin too…use it alternate days for about 2 weeks and then shift to a milder version of it …a dermatologist will help you chart a good routine..

    1. hmmm..shud hunt for retinol based creams but what is good is that i have so many options now for night creams now and stuff that works..

      1. i would recommend getting a dermatologist to prescribe you a retinol according to your skin . Avoid over the counter retinol, sometimes your skin is too delicate to deal with that strong a concentration.

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