My Night Time Beauty Regimen

Hi everyone! This is my first post here at IMBB and I am super excited! Thanks a lot Rati, for you have made this possible! For my first blog, I have written on something which is the most integral part of my beauty regimen. One of the most important ways to take care of our skin is to remove all makeup at night and cleanse it well before going to bed. This is what I do before calling it a night.

Step 1: Removing all makeup

I have found my HG makeup remover in Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil. After trying out various makeup removers in the market, I was pleasantly surprised that J&J’s baby oil did everything that my favorite makeup remover Neutrogena oil-free makeup remover did, but at a fraction of the cost. Taking a small cotton ball and damping it with the oil, I keep the cotton on my eyes for a few seconds. This helps in not tugging and pulling at the eyes too much and then gently swipe the makeup off. The oil removes even water proof mascara and eyeliner and doesn’t sting at all! However, this is an absolute no-no for those who don’t like makeup removers with an oily residue.
johnson johnson baby oil

Step 2: Cleansing the face

Just removing the makeup and not cleansing the face is not enough since the residue could lead to clogged pores. I clean my face with Pond’s White Beauty Daily-Spot Lightening Facial Foam. I like this product as it gives me a very clean feeling and just a pea sized amount is enough for the whole face.
Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot Lightening Facial Foam

Step 3: Applying a toner

I use the Himalaya Gentle Refreshing alcohol free toner with a cotton swab after I wash my face. I am not sure if the toner actually helps in minimizing my pores (as toners claim to do) but I do like that it removes any trace of makeup the baby oil or cleanser may have missed. Also plus points for it being alcohol-free!
himalaya herbals gentle refreshing toner

Step 4: Moisturize the face and neck

Next, I apply the Lakme Fruit Moisture Skin Renewal Night Crème to moisturize my face and neck. It leaves my face glowing in the morning. Another reason I like this is because of its non-greasy consistency – feels really light and fresh and let’s my skin breathe in this hot and humid weather.
lakme fruit moisture skin removal night creme

Step 5: Applying an eye cream

Currently, I am using the Garnier’s Light Brightening Eye Roll-on. I have dark circles and have been using this product religiously every morning and night hoping that it will help them fade away 🙁 . Unfortunately, after using it for almost 3 months now, I haven’t seen as much difference as I would have liked. Having said that, my undereye area does feel moisturized and this also acts as a good base in the mornings before I put my concealer on. However, I am looking for a good under eye cream and any suggestions would be highly welcome. Thanks 🙂
garnier light eye roll on

Step 6: Applying a lip balm

I use the Lotus Herbals lip balm in Cocoa (Love the smell). Sometimes, when my lips get super chapped or dry, I tend to go back to what my mom used to apply to me when I was little – Boroline (this stuff really works, although I really don’t like how it sits as a layer on the lips and is quite difficult to melt in). After brushing my teeth and moisturizing my legs and arms, I am ready for bed!

rati beauty ad

I know it sounds like a lot of steps but these really work for me. Even if I come back home really late at night and am very tired, I would never go to bed without removing all makeup and cleansing my face. I might miss on the toner and moisturizing of the hands and legs on those days but I will follow the rest.

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31 thoughts on “My Night Time Beauty Regimen

  1. I have the exact same routine except with different products 🙂 & instead of mositurising & arms & legs, I just use a foot cream at night.

  2. I too have drak circles & using Aroma magic almond under eye cream has helped. I use that every night & morning

  3. I use an under eye cream from Loreal. though it hasnt worked wonders though I have been using it for the past 2 to 3 months, I find that on days i am less stressed out, my eyes look better 🙂 (just some gyan here) ..but it does work well as a cream before concealer..i think cucumber slices work great too..lots of water..

    for a night cream i use Nutranite by Lotus. it’s working very well …so far

  4. Same pinch Bhawana! I too have same regime except different oil n cleanser, rest of our products are also same 🙂

  5. johnson’s baby oil is my HG makeup remover too :yahoo:
    n i use its talc also n kabi kabi soap b :stars:

  6. and i have kept a mixture of glycerine+thoda sa rose water n i apply it evry night on lips..instead of a lip balm..duno hw gud it is..but it works for me 🙂

  7. nice regime :)) I also use Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil as my makeup remover, olive oil works same though. But I apply honey on my lips before going to bed, it makes my lips pinker :pompom: and since I started applying fresh aloe-vera gel under my eyes I don’t have dirk circles any more :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I loveeee the new smileys :preen: :mirror: :mirror: :makeup: :love:

  8. I use my nivea moituriser as a makeup remover…i have a tendency to tug my eyes to remove the dark kolh/eyeliner and I have found that using a moisturiser for removing makeup saves my eyes a lot of pain. Instead of an under eye cream I use almond oil as I have heard that it works very well on dark circles.

  9. mine is similar too but different products Bhawana. Reading this seems so simple but getting to do all this takes quite a lot of time..he he :toothygrin:

  10. Nice post Bhawna!! :pompom: I use olive oil for removing makeup..but I have that baby oil too.. will try that too.. 😉

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