Nike Up or Down Body Splash for Woman Review

Nike up or Down Body Splash for Woman

Heylo pretty ladies!!

Body mists/ splashes being a new fad, I decided to pick this up because of its cute packaging and the gorgeous sky blue liquid filled up in a see through bottle. I came across this splash in a cosmetic store which has imported products.For newbies, a body mist is scented water which serves the basic purpose of hydrating and moisturizing the skin with a fragrance. It is meant to be simply sprayed all over the body without rubbing it in (like a skin lotion).

Product description/Claims (according to Nike) –

This exclusively designed fragrance allows the wearer to stay true to their femininity with a scintillating of senses that refreshes. The modern packaging of the Up or Down body Splash for women is simple and appealing to the modern women. The stylish Nike woman fragrance offers a longer lasting wear with a positive impact not only on the wearers but those around them. It is reminiscent of a romantic walk by the beach.
It also protects the ozone layer and is not tested on animals.

Nike up or Down Body Splash for Woman


A medium sized transparent bottle with a spray dispenser… It can be easily carried in a handbag as it’s a light plastic bottle. No problem of leakage or breakage.
Price- Rs 175

Quantity – 100 ml
Two sprays on either side of the neck are sufficient enough to last a few hours.


A refreshing cooling fragrance with a trace of floral and aquatic tones.


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How to use:

Gently shake the bottle and Spritz this lovely body mist all over your body after a shower. Not to be sprayed on the face and hair. It can be used for touch ups on the neck throughout the day.

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What I loved about Nike up or Down Body Splash:

 A pretty sky blue liquid
 See through bottle, easy to figure out how much of it is used or left.
 Refreshing and cool fragrance
 Spray dispenser, perfect to apply the right amount.
 Long lasting ( Lasted on me for about 5-6 hours)
 Not a heady fragrance. Mild but lasting.
 Affordable
 The whole bottle lasts for about two months if applied daily.
 No leakage/Breakage issues


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What I did not like about Nike up or Down Body Splash:

Ummm , hard to think of any cons for this product.

Overall Verdict-

A must have in a girl’s handbag. Easily portable, and can be applied any time of the day. When one feels that travelling has taken a toll on the day, just two sprays on the neck can instantly revive the freshness. Not too expensive and it lasts for two long months if used daily. It can be easily worn to office, college or the gym. It’s perfect for daily use. Not too heady and is quite affordable.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (deduction for limited availability)

Would I recommend Nike up or Down Body Splash for Woman ?

Definitely Yes! If u can lay your hands on it then it’s a product that shouldn’t be missed.. .

PS – A Tip!!! Try placing the body mist during summers in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes before spraying it on. It gives a nice cooling sensation.

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