Nike On Fire Eau De Toilette Review

Next month being the month of Valentine’s Day, I am sure many of you must have started thinking of ways to make the day special for you and your partner and the top most item in your list must be the gift for your special someone. I know at times it is really difficult to decide a gift for guys as like us they don’t love makeup, handbags or dresses. So, I feel the best and safest gift to give your guy is a perfume, that’s something every guy loves to wear and when you will tell him that you want him to smell like that perfume, then he will wear it for sure.  So, today, I am reviewing one such perfume for you all which can be a good gift for your guy and won’t be heavy on your pockets too, girls on budget are you listening?



Rs. 950 for 150 ml.



My Experience with Nike On Fire Eau De Toilette:

This perfume was part of the gifts I gave my husband on last Valentine’s Day.  He already owns many perfumes but mostly ends up wearing only one which is kept outside.  So, I was not very keen on buying something expensive if it is going to sit in the cupboard later. I was looking for a good perfume within 2K price range and that is when I saw this one. They have many different variants of EDT from Nike like:  Blue Wave, Green Storm, Out of Control, Wood Blast, Party Zoom, No Limits, etc.  Out of them, I liked Fire the most, as this one is a very crisp masculine scent. It is all in all a musky fragrance, with little citrus top note. It creates very se*y smell with the warmth of human body.

EDT for men

It also has extremely good lasting power.  It lasts for really long, for 8 hours and more at a stretch. Whenever my husband wears this on his shirts or T-shirts, the smell remains on the cloth until next wash. In his words “this is a musky, warm smell which lasts me all day long and fetches me compliments too.” However, the glass bottle is a bit bulky, which makes it not a travel friendly option.  At home, I don’t keep this bottle on dresser as this bottle is big, which is why it is not used so much.


On the whole, this is a lovely smell with wonderful staying power and for the quantity one gets for this price makes it a good deal. Although the smell is not very different from other musky smells, still nice enough to get noticed. It is a good choice for college goers with tight budget and for people looking for more staying power.


Pros of Nike On Fire Eau De Toilette:

  • Strong musky fragrance.
  • Lasts really long.
  • Does not stain cloths, and the smell lasts till next wash.
  • Does not irritate skin.
  • Not expensive.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Nike On Fire Eau De Toilette:

  • Bulky glass bottle packing.

Final Verdict on Nike On Fire Eau De Toilette:

I will recommend this perfume to all the guys who love musky smell, want it to last long and want it all within a budget, and to all the girls looking for a nice gift for their guy.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Final verdict on Nike men on fire EDT?

May be yes, to gift some friends or relatives.

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