Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss Deodorant Review

Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss Deodorant

What the product says:

If deep, intense aromas fascinate you, N150 Scarlet Kiss from Nike is the perfect deo spray for you. Rich and soulful, this enigmatic fragrance enthrals with its intoxicating charm and fills your senses with dense, exotic pleasure. The Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss is an expression of passion and seduction and is designed elegantly for the 21st century femme fatale. The assortment of bright and flamboyant, floral notes hits you with an invigorating charm and seduces with its aura of robust femininity.



For the bold and expressive, contemporary woman, the Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss mass premium is a deo spray that embraces you in a powerful and revitalizing sensation and makes your day come alive with its fabulous freshness. Enchanting in its intensity, the Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss mass premium deodorant provides round-the-clock protection against germs, body odour or sweat-related troubles and keeps you feeling fresh as a flower, all day long.

Price: Rs 275

My experience with Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss Deodorant:

Hola beauties,

Hope you are all having a great time. I have been a little sick though because of the scorching heat. I think I caught some ‘loo’ the other day. So that’s that but I just got over it to review my favourite deo from Nike. I have tried a lot of Nike variants and I always come back to this one. In fact this is my fourth bottle of the same. So read on to know about ‘Scarlet Kiss’.

This was an online purchase. And I basically just bought it for the name because it sounded so good. And the notes felt nice too. Scarlet Kiss is a nice floral fragrance but it also has some spiciness in it too. It doesn’t say so in the description but I do get that slight spicy touch in it.


It is a sweet scent but not like the ones that choke you of sweetness. It has a very earthy dry down so it never gets very sweet or floral. And that is what I love about it. It makes me feel fresh and energised. It is sweet but not overpoweringly so. It is definitely an exotic scent and my boyfriend loves it on me too!

The staying power of this deodorant is awesome. Even in such heat it stays on me for a good 7 hours and keeps my underarms sweat-free for 1-2 hours. I don’t expect any deo to do that so this was an added bonus for me. I have had a lot of people ask me what deo I am using. I often skip using a perfume when I use this deo since it keeps me fresh and smelling good for a good duration.

The packaging is simple but sturdy with a transparent cap and I have dropped it a number of times but it has never broken.

I will highly recommend this if you want a nice economical deo with a good staying power and refreshing scent.

Pros of Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss Deodorant:

• Nice floral spicy scent
• Economical
• Good staying power
• Good silage
• Not tested on animals


Cons of Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss Deodorant:

• No cons for me!!

Would I repurchase: Yes!!

My Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. I love Nike fragrances *woot* and this one also sounds damn good… *pompom* never tried this but will soon try it out when i pick up nike deos.. *happy dance* btw get well soon… i know this happens a lot as the weather keeps on changing.. *cry*

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