Nike Woman EDT – Trendy

Nike Woman EDT – Trendy

Hi Folks,

Today’s review is on a perfume from Nike, called NIKE Woman TRENDY.

Before starting to write this review I was wondering “How do I explain about a perfume’s fragrance?” When it comes to cosmetics or other make up products, I can provide swatches and colour comparisons. The review for a perfume would always be challenging. So here I am, with my best shot at a clear and understandable review. Hope you like it. 😉

I am not much of a perfume girl. I tend to choose mild fragrances that come with a Body mist or a body cream. I, however, use deodorants regularly, ones with very mild fragrance. Then how did I end up buying this one? Well, this EDT was a part of a combo pack containing 2 deodorants (Nike Sensual and Fission) and this EDT Trendy (25 ml). The original of the EDT comes in a larger volume.

So let’s start talking about the product.

Nike Woman EDT Trendy

What the company says about the product:

• Natural Spray

Other features:
• Price: Rs. 649
• Quantity: 75ml
• Flavour: Trendy
• Shelf life: 36 months

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What do I think about Nike Woman EDT – Trendy:


• Clear glass packaging with fluorescent pink trimming at the nozzle and Fluorescent green cap.
• Silver print on the bottle that does not come off.
• The base of the bottle is an elongated oval with flat edges; this makes the shape of the bottle rather flat. I love this about the bottle as it is very travel friendly and does not take up much space in your handbag, unlike perfumes like Versace are bulky.
• All this comes in a cardboard box with the same green and pink combination.
• The nozzle is sturdy and does not leak and the metal does not scratch off to reveal any plastic.
• Overall, a very lovely and trendy packaging as the name goes. However if you are a perfume collector and are looking for those classy packaging a la Versace bright crystal or Elizabeth Taylor, you may not like the packaging.

About the fragrance:

This is a very strong fragrance. I can’t place it in any of the floral or fruity fragrances. I would say it’s a spicy scent. It has got a little spice and little talcum touch.
If you are looking for sweet or sensual fragrances, then this is an absolutely no. The fragrance is very bold and lingers on to leave a signature.

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How did Nike Woman EDT – Trendy work:

After I bought this EDT, I was very skeptical about using it and was afraid that it might be too strong. So I first tested it when I was on a shopping trip. The fragrance lingered on the kurta I was wearing even at the end of the day. The most surprising thing was that I could feel the fragrance on the kurta even after a wash. So, I could safely say that it has a very long staying period.

Summing up:

My likes for Nike Woman EDT – Trendy:

• Nice stylish packaging.
• Nicely priced.
• Very travel friendly.
• Spicy and trendy fragrance.
• Does not stain the clothes.
• Does not irritate or give allergic reaction to skin.
• Available in most retail stores like Lifestyle and Shopper’s stop.

My dislikes for Nike Woman EDT – Trendy:

• A very strong fragrance, not many would be comfortable with it.
• Lingers on clothes. Will be difficult if you choose to use some other perfume on the cloth.

Nike Woman EDT Trendy (2)

Will I buy Nike Woman EDT – Trendy again?

I don’t think so. I like Nike Woman URBAN more. I would prefer buying that to this one.


If you are looking to make a style statement then get “TRENDY” 😉

Overall Rating:

4/5 (points removed for strong fragrance)


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5 thoughts on “Nike Woman EDT – Trendy

  1. this looks promising,n i really like long lasting perfume, otherwise wats d diff between a perfume and a deo.
    very detailed review 🙂

    1. Hey Ila.. me too had the nike pink deo… very well loved .. i must say 🙂 .. and what a slender bottle… i might give this one a try tooo 🙂 thanks for sharing Divia 🙂 nice one 🙂

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