Nike Women Deodorants- Up or Down,Nike Fission,Nike Urban Musk

Nike Women Deodorants- Up or Down,Nike Fission,Nike Urban Musk

Think fragrance and think Nike.

Recently I got an opportunity to grab great deodorants and perfumes from Nike. I’d heard a lot about it before, but thanks to some online shopping and some curiosity to try out new brands I came across these deos from a shop in Mumbai. According to my knowledge, Nike perfumes have a range of around 17 fragrances for women, which is a really good range to choose from.

nike women deodorants

All the Nike women deodorants come in a tin packaging and have a still grey nozzle with a transparent cap. They look quite trendy! They last for months and months after you break open the seal.


Rs.275/- for 200 ml
Rs.549/- for a combo of 3
nike woman deodorants
Ethyl Alcohol, Isobutane, Fragrance, Butane, Isopropyl Myristate, Farnesol, Linalool, Limonene, Butyl Phenyl Methyl Propional, Citral.
Caution (mentioned on the bottle): Do not apply to irritated or broken skin. Do not inhale directly. Do not spray on naked or incandescent material.

Nike Up or Down for Woman:
nike deo up or down
When I bought this deodorant, I wasn’t able to get a tester as the store didn’t offer it. I simply liked the packaging and I bought it seal pack. The pack is a double shade of green and I like it quite a lot. It is the very first deo that I used from Nike and I was impressed with it. The fragrance is something real fresh, but not too mild and not too strong, it’s intermediate. Its stay on capacity is not much, say around 4 hours. Regarding the fragrance, it’s nice when you spray it but wears off after some time and you don’t even remember at times that you’d put on a deo.

Nike Fission eau de toilette deodorant woman

nike fission deo
Out of all the three Nike fragrances I’ve used so far, this one’s the strongest. But I liked it very much. The bottle comes in a purple/white combination and looks quite appealing. It’s strong, and stays for a long time, at times I used to put it on in d morning and I could still smell it in the evening. I also have a mini perfume bottle (25mL) of Nike fission that came in a combo with my second set of Nike up or down and Nike Musk. The perfume stays well too for almost a day! Love this one totally!

Nike Urban Musk Extreme long-lasting:
nike deo urban musk
This one is for Musk lovers; it is a mild and sweet fragrance and comes in a cream colored container. It seems like a modernized version of the classic musk fragrance. This one too, lingers on the body for a long time as claimed on the pack. I got this deo as a part of the combo pack.
Selection of Combos for Nike:
Try selecting a combo which has at least one fragrance that you know thoroughly works well. For the rest, a try may be worth. Nike offers combos of only deodorants as well as deos with mini 25 mL perfume bottles.

Pros of Nike deodorants:

• Come in a wide range of fragrances from strong to mild.
• The combos are really good to use and affordable.
• Reasonably priced in terms of other competitive brands.

Cons of Nike deodorants:

• Out of all the three deos, I found Nike fission having the longest stay on capacity.
• Slightly high-priced as compared to Indian brands like Spinz, Eva
• At times, it’s difficult to get testers for all the Nike deodorants.


Nike fission is the clear winner for me.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase them?

Yes, I would buy more of Nike fission for sure.

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  1. I also bought a nike combo few months back,it has fission deo,trendy perfume and up and down deo….I love trendy the most!!!
    and i think the combos are a must try,they r gud value for money for good variety !!!!
    nice review btw 🙂

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