Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette Review

“Created as a perfume to evokea modern fairy tale for all young women searching for surprise and fantasy… in a wonderland where dreams dress reality.”

This is the first proper perfume that I owned. Proper with regards to testing and trials, brand and cost and guess what! My first ever perfume has become my most favourite perfume ever. The modern Nina was composed in 2006 with the Asian consumer in mind to strengthen the appeal of Nina Ricci in the international fragrance market. The earlier Nina was in market from 1987 to 2006.

Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

Product Description:

A magical fragrance, a promise of enchantment with a radiant power of seduction. A fresh fruity floral fragrance with mouthwatering accents.


Rs. 3275 for 50 ml.

Top Notes: Lemon, Lime
Heart Notes: Apple, Datura, Peony, Praline
Base Notes: Apple Tree, Cedar, Musk

Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

My Experience with Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette:

I could drink up this bottle if I was allowed to. I have never ever smelt anything as beautiful as this before! The very instant that I spray this one, citrus hits me. It is extremely uplifting. Within seconds, I get a warm candied apple coated with some butterscotch-y vanilla. That’s some yummy caramel goodness.  This is sprinkled with peony. The base is a smooth blend of apple wood, white cedar and white musk that lingers with your for hours.  I just realized why this is inseparable from me. I am a big foodie by heart and this is a gourmand fragrance!

Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

The apples, moonflower, apple wood and all that description is taking me to an imaginative land of trees, fruits, flowers and fairies. Nina is indeed true to its modern fairytale heart.

This has got a fine balance of warm and fruity floral notes, so I think it can be worn all year long. It is a sharp yet gentle fragrance. I can’t wait to buy the full line of deo and scented lotion.  This has cast such a spell on me that I cannot look beyond this fragrance! I have tried so many others thinking of giving this a break, but I always come back to this. I just cannot find a replacement.

Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

The packaging – oh my God! It is one of the most beautiful perfume bottles I have seen. Made of glass and resembling glorious red apples with silver coloured leaves and a silver cap. It is the modern take on the classical Fille d’Eve bottle.

Pros of Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette:

  • My most favourite fragrance *wide smile*
  • All 3 notes are to die for.
  • Stays on for more than 8 hours.
  • Cheap for such a luxury fragrance brand.

Cons of Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette:

  • Nothing. (I think I have been reviewing too many products that are close to my heart *face palm*)

IMBB Rating:

5/5 *proud look*

Would I Repurchase Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette?

Oh yes definitely! I will keep buying this till I get tired of this (which I don’t think I ever will).

Do I Recommend Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette?

If you like fruity floral fragrances with a warm base, you should definitely try this.

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9 thoughts on “Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette Review

  1. It was a gift for me from a friend and came along with a body cream in a big square box.
    Totally agree with every word of your review. Can’t have enough of this heavenly perfume.

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