Nina Ricci E’xtase Perfume Review

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This is my first perfume review on IMBB. I have been wanting to write perfume reviews since ages but just didn’t feel confident enough. I find perfume reviews to be very difficult – how do you explain in words the fragrance, which surrounds you. How do you describe it? So, this time round, when I was up for picking up a sponsored product, I thought why not push myself and pick a perfume – that leaves me no choice but to review it! 😉

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review bottle

Product Details (From the Website):


A New Dream:
Nina Ricci embraces the dreams of a woman in tune with her most intimate desires. Femininity inhabited by eroticism. Being yourself, even when naked. Especially when naked. Passionate, free, determined. An erotic feminine dream, an imaginary and sensual journey, beginning with her and ending with L’EXTASE

he bottle of L’EXTASE is modelled on a couture clutch to preciously encapsulate feminine fantasies. Its mysterious glass envelope in shades of dark mauve, delicate black satin ribbon with the signature plate all place L’EXTASE boldly in the line of the great Nina Ricci perfumes.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review packaging

Eau de parfum 30/50/80 ml

Available in select perfume shops

’EXTASE is an incandescently modest fragrance with a genuinely erotic signature. A Barely Rose accord which is shaped around a bouquet of white petals, lit by natural Roses with a hint of Pink Pepper, like a caress of satin. Then the Musky Shadow unfolds notes of Siamese Benzoin and Virginian Cedar which cling subtly to the Amber and the whisper of Musk.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review ingredients


The product comes packaged in beautifully elegant glass bottle in diffusing shades of mauve. It’s designed to resemble an up-market clutch. The cap fits extremely snugly – it takes a bit of effort to get it off. The bottle is not as eye catching as the Mademoiselle Ricci line. However, there is an understated elegance about it – very dignified. The bottle comes packaged in a cardboard box, which is sealed – to avoid tampering.

Price: INR 5900 for 80ml buy here

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review price

My Experience with Nina Ricci E’xtase Perfume:

While browsing for a perfume, my eyes got caught by the Nina Ricci bottles from her Mademoiselle line – what utterly gorgeous bottles!!! But this was the perfume which caught my attention. And I guess, for me, this was an obvious choice since the perfume has been created by the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian – who has also created 2 of my most famous perfumes – Jean Paul Gautier Classique Intense and Narciso Rodrigues for Her! Just like the other two, this one is a floral, musky and oriental composition. The composition is made of two kinds of accords; the first one consisting of white petals, rose and pink pepper, while the other is more sensual and warm with Siamese benzoin, Virginian cedar, musk and amber.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume

This is new perfume – launched in 2015. French model Laetitia Casta is the face of the campaign. The perfume has been marketed as an erotic fragrance that is said to liberate a woman’s deepest desires and fantasies! The perfume is targeted towards mature ladies.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review details

For me, the perfume is a heady floral mix of musk, berries, oriental fragrances and vanilla. There is woodiness in it. This is generally the mix that I prefer. However, I feel that the perfume is a departure from the marketing campaign. I know you are gonna laugh at this one – but nevertheless…. The perfume makes you feel sexy but does not really bring out your erotic dreams. It’s something sophisticated and elegant and still earthy. However, it isn’t something you need to limit for a “special” evening out. This can well be worn in the day or night – especially in the cold weather.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review detailing

It lasts for about 5-6 hours. The initial hit of fragrance obviously settles down to a more sweeter note which becomes more and more sweet (a bit too much for me really) – by the time it dies down. Honestly, the last notes of the perfume are actually a bit of a turn off for me – coz I don’t like too much sweetness in my fragrances. However, these notes aren’t too obvious – I felt them coz I kept sniffing my arm the whole day – for the review!

I think it’s a lovely perfume for the coming weather. I think cold weather will suit this perfume. In summers, one may not like to go so musky, especially in the day time.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review cap

To sum this up for you –

Pros of Nina Ricci E’xtase Perfume:

• Decent silage.
• Gorgeous bottle – very elegant.
• Strong mix of floral, oriental and musky notes.
• Targeted towards my age group.
• Invokes confidence.
• Makes you feel special.

Nina Ricci E'xtase Perfume Review open

Cons of Nina Ricci E’xtase Perfume:

• It dies down to a sweet fragrance – which can be a turn off.
• Works at making you feel sexy and a bit mysterious but doesn’t have the depth of darkness.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 buy here

Overall, a lovely perfume – I do see myself enjoying it in the winters. However, not something which is a “MUST HAVE”!

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