Nina Ricci Love in Paris Perfume Review

Nina Ricci Love in Paris Perfume Review

Gift is always special and becomes especially special when it comes from someone close. One such gift was Nina Ricci’s classic perfume “Love in Paris”. True to its name, the fragrance and the feel of the perfume is truly romantic , very pleasant, summery and beautiful. As Ricci herself defines it, it is the magic of Paris, in a bottle.

Nina Ricci Perfume Love in Paris Review

The perfume was launched by Madame Ricci in 2004 and is a part of her woman’s fragrances. Like the designer herself, who is the epitome of “delicious femininity”, the perfume also upholds and defines femininity; one that is for “sparkling, happy and fulfilled women”(


PRICE: Rs. 3500 in India

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol denat., fragrance(parfum), water, linalool, alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzyl saucylate, limonene, butylphenyl methyl-propinal, hexyl cinnamal, farenesol, hydroxycitronellal, benzyl benzoate, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, butyl methoxydibenzolymethane, geraniol, ethylhexyl salicylate, citronellol, citral, benzyl alcohol, yellow 6, ext. violet, red 33.

Nina Ricci Love in Paris Perfume Review

Love in Paris Perfume Review


I love the floral smell and the long lasting quality of this perfume. It is “Eau de Parfum”, therefore, containing almost 10 to 20 % of perfume concentrates and thus, costs much more that “eau de toilette” or “eau de cologne”. This fact was evident to me the first time I used the perfume. In spite of a humid weather and the fact that I stayed out the entire day, not only did I get compliments for the fragrance, but my dress retained the nice mild smell till it was washed off.

Love in Paris Perfume Review

The floral fragrance is a mix of various flowers and flavours besides the usual chemical compositions. A research on the net suggested that this perfume consists of extracts from bergamot, violet, anies, fresh rose, white peony, apricot, jasmine, cedarwood, musk and a subtle touch of vanilla. The perfume is the perfect blend of various products, thus, giving it the “power of seduction” as the brand would define their fragrance.



• It is always advisable to keep your perfumes in a closed cabinet so that it is not directly affected by the sun’s light.
• Since any perfume of any brand contains a lot of chemicals, it is mandatory that one should check the ingredients before buying for possible allergic reactions; the necessity to check becomes a must for people who are prone to allergies.
• Heat can also degrade the power of fragrance preservation and so must be stored accordingly.


• Nina Ricci is one of the most sought after and famous international brands. To possess a NR is a pleasant feeling in itself.
• It is perfect for the Indian weather. A fresh feeling of floral femininity is perfect for the day and the night as well.
• Most importantly, its fragrance lasts long which is an absolutely essential quality in every perfume.
• It is made in the city that is famous for its haute couture, its brands and its perfumes~ Paris. Therefore, it is authentic.
• Though the bottle I have is 30 ml, there are bigger sizes available as well.


• Rs. 3500 for a 30 ml bottle is definitely on the expensive side.
• The packaging of the perfume is a little disappointing. While perfume bottles are preserved for their beauty and unique appearances, this one by Ricci could have been more innovative and interesting, especially when compared to her other fragrances.

MY RATING: 4.5/5

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN? : Yes, definitely. This is my first Nina Ricci and I want to try her other fragrances as well. Just as “Love in Paris” made me fall in love with its smell, I hope that her other fragrances will be as unique and as beautiful.

P.S- Smelling good is a turn on for almost each and every person. So, always remember to smell good. Besides, it boosts our confidence as well as our personality.

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26 thoughts on “Nina Ricci Love in Paris Perfume Review

  1. Nice review Anveshi… but 3500 is very costly for me…
    i guess i just have to wait till someone gifts me… :smug:

    1. Thanks Gini….And I know, 3500 is expensive for me as well. I got this lovely perfume as a gift, otherwise I wouldn’t have possessed it as well. :weep:

  2. Good review avneshi :waytogo: i am sucker for anything floral be it the prints or the fragrance….I am surely gonna try this, seems apt for me

    1. Thanks Shivani…. Ya the perfume really smells nice and is perfect for you if you are into floral smells. Hope you like it :pompom:

    1. Wow….that’s great!! :waaa: Do you know of any place in India where they sell testers for such a good bargain??

  3. i just love love this fragrance, as this is one of my wedding gft so this fragrance is quite spcl for me reminds me my lovely dayz……. :teddy: :teddy:

  4. Nice review Anveshi.Well-written and detailed. :waytogo: Next time we meet I’ll definitely make it a point to identify if you are wearing this perfume!

    1. Thanks Amrita. Though i didnt wear it in our last shopping spree, Il make sure I wear it the next time we meet. :jiggy1: :happydance:

  5. I’m sure I’ll love it…. you describe fragrances very well :waytogo: :waytogo: i can never do it….. 😐

  6. Anveshi,

    I am not aware if testers are available in India, maybe you could ask friends/relatives to pick it up from Dubai. You will get all leading brands testers at a really god price.

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