Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion Review

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion

Hello girls!!

I am back with a review of another great product by Nina Ricci, it’s their perfumed body lotion from their Premier Jour range. Body lotions are a total must have for me, and I keep on trying different brands. I also have a habit of keeping two different body lotions; one for daily use and one for special days when you want to smell extra nice and feel extra sexy. This one is my “special days” body lotion. You can buy it in a combo pack with the Premier Jour perfume or some stores may sell it individually too. I bought the individual lotion since I did not want to invest in a perfume at the moment.

Nina Ricci  Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion

About Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion:

The fragrance of this body lotion is the same as the EDP of the same range. Inspired by a woman living in a sensually fulfilled world, the lotion has a subtle, discreet and intimate scent. They call it the fragrance of continuously renewed joy and I absolutely agree with it.

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The Packaging:

Available in 100ml / 3.3 fl oz tube priced at about 900 INR approximately when purchased individually, since the dollar price has gone up, there might be a slight fluctuation in price. The packaging is a white colour soft tube with pink and silver flower motifs on it just like the EDP box. Unfortunately, the tube does not have a list of ingredients mentioned on it. The only thing that is written here is that it’s made in France. The tube is very convenient to carry along when on the go and will easily fit in to your handbag. The only thing I wish it had a flip top rather than a screw on cap, flip caps are just so much better.

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My Experience with Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion:

My skin is pretty dry on hands and feet, I think it is because of staying in air-conditioned spaces most of the time. Eventually it dehydrates the skin, and I need to apply a good moisturizing body lotion to maintain the suppleness of my skin. I usually choose heavy and intense body lotions that can keep the moisture restored for a longer time. Nina Ricci Premier Jour perfumed body lotion has a very silky feel to it. The moisturizer is creamy and intense but yet not heavy or oily. It has a very very smooth texture which is not runny like most of the body lotions yet it is easily applicable and spreads effortlessly on the skin. It gets absorbed pretty quickly too without a trace of oiliness, just leaving perfectly moisturized and beautifully fragranced skin.

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I am totally in love with the scent of this lotion. Just like the Premier Jour EDP, the lotion too has top notes of yellow mandarin and morning dew gardenia, middle notes are very feminine and floral softened by the white dragee and sensual base notes of precious wood. The body lotion leaves your skin smelling divine for long hours, the fragrance fades away gradually leaving a faint impression and does not totally disappears. If you use the EDP of the same range along with the lotion, your perfume will definitely last much much longer too.

Pros of Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion:

– Super silky texture.
– Absorbs easily leaving the skin moisturized and smelling great.
– The fragrance is long lasting.

Cons of Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion:

– No list of ingredients mentioned.
– Mostly available in combo pack along with the EDP.

Will I repurchase Nina Ricci Premier Jour Perfumed Body Lotion?

Yes I certainly will.

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I hope you all find the review useful. See you all soon, till then keep it stylish!!

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