Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle-Review

Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle-Review

After reading a review on IMBB today on Nivea angel star body lotion I suddenly remembered that I had this entire kit, which I stopped using half way as I got attracted by other products. I’m sure it happens to most of us. 😛 So today I’d be reviewing Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle.
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Product Description:

Nivea Angel Star Soft Souffle melts immediately into your skin and leaves it refreshed and soft. With its irresistible raspberry scent, this skin caring cream enriched with yoghurt is a real treat for your skin.

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26.25 SAR for 200 ml (approx 382.78 INR)

My experience with Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle:

When I first opened the lid, the product was covered with a thin foil like all standard Nivea Cremes. But the texture of this Souffle surprised me the most. I have never used any body souffle’s before so I can’t compare it to other soufflés. Well this one looked exactly like ‘jelly’. You know it was all bouncy and wobbly. It was really difficult to get the soufflé out as it kept slipping and falling back in the tub. But overall it looked so cute- Imagine baby pink jelly.

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The texture is very nice and it immediately melts into the skin. It gets absorbed pretty quickly, but not completely! There’s still a thin layer on the surface of your skin, not the greasy layer but the soft-soft moisturizing kinds!
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At first I had opened and used it when the weather was all humid, and this made my skin soooo greasy!! I hated it!!! But in the colder months it is very wearable! It provides a lot of moisture to my skin!! But it is not suited for very dry skin, the skin on my legs turns very dry during the winters and this doesn’t work there!!

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The soufflé has a strong berry scent. When you just apply it and you walk past someone, they get a whiff of your scent  😛

The fragrance stays on all day but it subsides as the day progresses, but still when you sniff your skin, you still get some smell. So you knows it’s still there 😛 But in the mornings the fragrance is very strong. The other day I wore it to college and my guy friends said that I smelt of cranberry vodka :/ (Guys I say!!) But all my girl friends LOVED it!! They were all curious to know what I was wearing. So that made me temporarily forget about the vodka part. 😉

Having used both the lotion and soufflé I’d say that the soufflé is more thick and fragrant than the lotion. So I use the lotion in the summers and during Oct-Nov I settle for the soufflé. As after December it gets very cold and the soufflé isn’t of much use then.

Pros of Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle:

  • Amazing berry scent.
  • Provides moisture for normal skin.
  • Unique texture.
  • Makes skin smooth.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle:

  • Unhygienic tub packaging.
  • Won’t work for dry skin during winter.
  • So many parabens!

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle?

Overall I feel that the texture is really awesome and the product is good to play around with during ‘Fall’ and also the smell stays on for long. So, I wouldn’t actually repurchase it as I have a lot of other moisturizers to finish off. But you should definitely try it out for the awesome texture and also provides decent moisturization for normal skin and has a yummy smell!! You won’t regret!!

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