Nivea BlackBerry Shine Caring Lip Balm Review

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Today’s review will be on a Nivea lip balm. I saw this the other day and it seemed new to me, so I grabbed this one. Let’s get started with the review now!


Price: 185 Rs





My Experience with Nivea BlackBerry Shine Lip Balm Review:


Packaging: This lip balm comes in a dark maroon colored plastic body and a white bullet. The packaging is very similar to other Nivea lip balms. It also has an outer cardboard cover, that has all the details regarding the lip balm. Overall, there’s nothing fancy about the packaging. It is pretty convenient and travel friendly.


Colour: The lip balm is very sheer like all Nivea lip balms. I expected this to have a little bit more color as the lip balm seems pretty dark maroon in shade. But it provides the slightest pink tint to the lips. It won’t cover pigmentation on the lips, if your lips are too pigmented. I have very little pigmentation, so it covers them and makes my lips look naturally pink. No matter how many times you layer on the balm, you won’t get a proper pink tint. It will just provide the slightest pink tints and a lovely sheen to your lips.


Texture: As compared to the other Nivea lip balms that I have, this one has the lightest texture, out all of them. I have around 4-5 of them and this one has a very light formula. It almost feels like you are wearing nothing on the lips. The consistency is very thin. Mostly, Nivea Lip balms are very drying on my lips, especially guava one. But surprisingly this one moisturizes my lips pretty well. It even hydrates my lips for some time. The guava lip balm, when it fades, my lips feel very parched and I have to apply a new layer immediately but that’s not the case for this one. Also, it isn’t sticky. It is very soft and feels a bit creamy on the lips.
Staying Power: Since, the lip balm has a very thin consistency, it fades way too quickly. I put this lip balm on, had my breakfast and two spoons of it, the lip balm had faded away. But, what I noticed was my lips were moisturized enough till one hour or so even after the lip balm had faded.


Fragrance: It has a very fruity scent and I’m assuming it is blackberry. But since I’ve never got a whiff of blackberry, I cannot tell if it’s that precisely. But the fragrance is mild and lasts for a long time too.
Summing up the pros and cons:


Pros of Nivea BlackBerry Shine Caring Lip Balm:

• Travel friendly and fuss free packaging.
• Provides a natural pink tint.
• Gives a pretty sheen to the lips making them look fuller.
• Light weight texture.
• Moisturizes the lips really well.
• Hydrates the lips for some time too.
• Fruity fragrance that is mild.
• Non greasy lip balm.

Cons of Nivea BlackBerry Shine Caring Lip Balm:

• Fades away super quickly.
• Doesn’t cover lip pigmentation.
• Very low staying power.

IMBB Rating: 3.9 / 5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Nivea BlackBerry Shine Caring Lip Balm?
Yes, to the recommendation if you are a fan of nivea lip balms. I wouldn’t repurchase because this takes a lifetime for me to finish them. Also, I have a ton of other lip balms to finish too!

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