Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream Review

Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream

Today I will be reviewing the Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream (with Cashmere extract and Orchid Blossom). Who isn’t aware of Nivea? It needs no introduction. At some point or other each one of us must have used some Nivea product. Nivea has been a regular at my home. It was one of the trio of products that mom always used to purchase (the other two being – Vaseline and J&J).

What the product claims?
The sensual scent of orchid blossom will indulge your senses while the silky shower cream with cashmere extracts caresses and cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and smooth as cashmere. Relax and rejuvenate with every shower.

nivea cashmere moments shower cream

Ingredients list (main ones):


My experience with the product:

The shower cream has a smooth texture and foams well. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and moisturised. At times, I skip applying moisturiser if I have used this shower cream. It has a flowery fresh fragrance (like a very mild perfume) transporting you into an oriental garden. It keeps skin moisturised for a few hours and smelling great.

nivea cashmere 2

nivea cashmere 3
Pros of Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream:
1. pH skin-balanced.
2. Dermatologically approved.
3. It has sunflower seed oil which helps to retain moisture in the skin.
4. Works nicely on dry skin.
Cons of Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream:
1. Contains parabens.
2. Contains alcohol.
Price and Quantity
250ml for £1.95
(I got it while there was an offer – so I picked it up for £1. A good deal I feel. These half-price deals or “Buy 1 Get 1” free deals are so difficult to ignore – I always end up picking stuff; irrespective of whether I need it or not. But I do not regret this purchase at all)

Shelf life – 12 months
Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Will I buy it again?
Hmm…Maybe not. It’s not because I didn’t like it. I did like it. It works well. But there are so many products out there to choose from and try out 🙂 Every time i go out shopping I end up picking something new which I have never tried earlier. But having said that, this shower cream is a safe bet. Feels rich and fresh. Even my mom loves it. I had taken a Nivea hamper for her sometime back and this was also a part of it.

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22 thoughts on “Nivea Cashmere Moments Shower Cream Review

  1. Beautiful name! Feel like grabbing one of this!! I wish shower products would come in sachet’s or bottles. I get bored easily with products and love to keep trying others.. :silly:

    1. rightly said – even i feel they should come in smaller trial sizes. If you dont like the product after purchasing, it stays unused on the bathroom shelf for ages :toothygrin:

  2. Oh god y y?! Y cant v get it here?! :waaa: Even though I use TBS earth lover’s range, I’ll excuse this cream for having parabens..I soo want this :scream:

  3. Ive used this for quite a few months few years back and i really like it :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: …tried finding it in stores but can’t get it anywhere 🙁

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