Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,
I have been a fan of Nivea from a very long time. I have some kind of trust relationship developed with their products over the years of usage hardly the products I bought have failed me. So here is another review on Nivea hair care range. I love when they sell travel packs, I always grab them because it is not a lot of money and if doesn’t suit you, it is not a lot of product to lose too! I brought the travel pack of both the shampoo and conditioner. I have already reviewed the shampoo on IMBB.

Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner

Nivea color care & protect conditioner features the color oil complex with macadamia oil, uv filters and liquid keratin to make hair smooth and easier to brush and comb. With each application the conditioner protects the color from being washed out for twice as long.

Color care & protect conditioner with color oil complex with macadamia oil:
• Leads to healthy hair with every wash
• Protects the color from being washed out twice as long
• Improves combability

The travel pack contains both, a conditioner & shampoo, costing 1.50 € for 50ml and 3.15€ for 250ml.

Ingredients List:

Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner

My Experience with Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner:

When we opt for coloring our hair, we also need to remember that they come with their own disadvantages. Coloring makes hair lose the elasticity and thus it turns dry and unmanageable. So extra care is always needed for the hair and here is one such conditioner you can rely on.

The product is a light pale blue bottle and as it is travel pack, they have made the lid tight and it is travel friendly. The smell of the conditioner is fresh, salon like and similar to the shampoo. The product is similar to the other conditioners; it comes in a pearl white creamy consistency.

Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner

The conditioner makes the hair smooth and lustrous the first time I applied it. It made my mane look shiny and I was very thankful! However, the effect lasts only for a few hours or a day and on the second day, the hair does not shine but it is still smooth. The conditioner is not heavy so it doesn’t make my hair look oily the next day! One of the advantages of the product is Macadamia oil and this usually grabbed all my attention.

Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner

It also has UV filters and thus you can save your hair from the burning sun which harms your beautiful colored mane. But it doesn’t provide any long lasting benefits to your colored hair. It can be called a conditioner used for smoothness and protection of hair but for colored hair, it is over rated.

So summing up..

Pros of Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner:

• Makes hair look shinier on the first day.
• Makes hair smooth and manageable.
• The conditioner doesn’t leave any residue and is light.
• Has macadamia oil and UV filters thus protecting the hair from harsh environment.
• Friendly on pocket, as it is available in travel packs

Cons of Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner:

• It helps in maintaining the smoothness in hair but doesn’t make the color stay longer.
• Not easily available.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase Nivea Color Care & Protect Conditioner?
Yet to decide.

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  1. I have never used nivea hair care products, just because they are not available. This one so wants me to try them 🙁

  2. Nice one but like Shikha said, I have never tried any Nivea hair care product since they are not available here. So, i really can’t comment on my buying decision 😛

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