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Nivea has recently launched their new “Coloron Crayon lip balms” and I really love their lip care products so I picked two shades from this range. In this post, I am going to review Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush. So, now get into the details.

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush packaging

Product Description:
Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush product description

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush ingredients

INR 249/- for 3 gm.

My Experience with Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush:

Nivea is one of my favorite lip care brands and they have products to beat the dryness brought on by winters. This new Melt-in Moisture Coloron crayon comes in a paper outer packaging. The crayon comes housed in a plastic, twist-up color-coded crayon form with a clear cap. One tube contains 3g of product which is little less than their usual lip balms, but I can ignore this as this one is a really good product.

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush tube

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush comes out as a pretty coral pink color on the lips. It’s a perfect everyday pink for fair to medium skin tones, but as it’s a bright color, it might look washed out on dusky complexions. Personally, I love to wear natural, coral pink lip colors and this one is nicely pigmented too for a lip crayon/lip balm. It can cover pigmented lips with two to three swipes. This is probably the most pigmented lip balm that I have ever used and it’s almost like a creamy lipstick in the form of a lip balm/crayon. Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush has a mild fragrance which will appeal to all.

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush

Now, coming to the formula, the texture and formula feel very smooth and soft and it melts on the lips, feels extremely moisturizing. It’s not too glossy or too slippery, but it feels soft and buttery on the lips, glides effortlessly. As a lip balm, it does provide a soft tint and gives a healthy look to the lips. The formula does not feel patchy or sticky, only the color clings to dry patches and highlights them, so I would always suggest you to exfoliate lips before the application. Otherwise, Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush feels so comfortable and lightweight.

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush color

The formula instantly provides good hydration to dry lips and keeps them soft for long. It heals the dryness and cures chapped texture, also moisturizes them deeply. Only if you have extremely rough and cracked texture, I don’t think it will look good on you. This lip balm will not repair lips, but it’s a good tinted lip balm for dry lips. I have extremely dry lips and it works well on me. The softness that this lip balm provides lasts for around 4 to 5 hours and then lips start to feel dry. I sometimes need reapplication, it also depends on the weather on how long the moisturization would last.

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush pigmentation

Surprisingly, the color from Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush stays on for around 4 hours without consuming any food. It’s a lighter shade compared to Nivea Coloron Crayon Pop Red and starts to fade faster than Pop Red. It doesn’t survive food, so reapplication is needed after meal, but the color of this lip balm does survive light snacks.

Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush on lips

Overall, I am obsessed with these new lip balms from Nivea. They are super pretty, provide some good color on the lips, and also hydrate the lips well. Considering the price, Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush is a great buy.

Pros of Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush:

  • Pretty packaging.
  • Beautiful coral pink color.
  • Well pigmented for a lip balm/crayon.
  • Soft and melting texture glides easily on the lips.
  • Non-patchy, non-sticky, non-slippery texture.
  • Provides a tinted healthy finish.
  • Heals dryness.
  • Keeps lips smooth and soft.
  • Good for winter days.
  • Color stays long without meal.
  • Softness lasts for around 4 to 5 hours.

Cons of Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush:

  • Doesn’t heal or repair extremely dry, chapped lips.
  • This color might washout dusky beauties.
  • Color clings on to dry patches.
  • Require reapplication after meal.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Nivea Coloron Crayon Coral Crush?

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