Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts Review

Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts

I had always liked Nivea Deodorants and roll-ons. I was using the Nivea Happy time roll-on deo and I became a fan of it. This month when I went to pick a new bottle for myself, I got attracted towards this variant from Nivea. It had their usual 48 hours freshness claim and it also said gentle ocean extracts. Ocean extract combined with fresh natural feeling and anti-perspirant, made me pick this roll-on.

Read further to know how this worked for me.


Product Description:

NIVEA DEODORANT FRESH NATURAL with ocean extracts offers the true confidence of 48 hour effective regulation of perspiration providing a fresh feeling.

The optimal combination of reliable antiperspirant protection and NIVEA’s mild care.

-48 hour effective regulation of perspiration and a subtle fresh feeling
-Without alcohol, colorants or preservatives
-Skin tolerance dermatologic ally proven

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Price: Rs 165 for 50 ml

My take on Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts:

The pack is similar to the other roll-on from Nivea. A cute looking, sturdy small glass bottle with a plastic cap.

The deo comes as a colorless fluid that is not sticky and thick. When applied, it takes a minute to dry. The doe smells very mild and pleasant. It’s not fruity but rather has a different note. I’m unable to express in words. I love the mildness and the fresh fragrance. I usually prefer fruity/flowery fragrances, but this has changed my liking now. I love the smell. When I apply it after my bath, I find no burning or itching sensation. It’s cool when applied.


Though the smell is fresh and pleasant, it did not last long as compared to the other deos from Nivea. It lasted on me for maximum 3-4hours and then it was gone. I tried using it to office and also when I went out for a whole day in this hot sun. No time this proved as a good doe. It did nothing to keep my underarms sweat free throughout. For the first 2 hours it fared well, but later I felt as if I’ve not used a roll on. I was disappointed to the core. This will not suit people with body odour.

I don’t suffer from body odour but I look for long lasting fragrance from the deo that would be lingering on me whole day. For this matter, the happy time roll on was my favorite and I would switch back to it.

Pros of Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts:

• Sturdy pack
• Very mild & pleasant fragrance. I like it.
• Did not cause any irritation or itchiness when applied
• Kept my underarms fresh for a couple of hours
• Does not contains alcohol
• Decently priced
• Dermatologic ally tested and safe on skin


Cons of Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts:

• This will not suit people who sweat excessively
• Smell is not long lasting. Fades off in 3-4 ours
• 48 hours freshness-No way!

Will I recommend Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts? No, I don’t.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Final Words about Nivea Deodorant Fresh Natural with Ocean Extracts:

This deo did not impress me in any way and I will not continue using it. I’m going to get my all time favorite Happy time roll on deo. If you are looking for an anti-per spirant deo, please skip this.

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