Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo Review

Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo Review

Heya Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well.  Finally, the weather has become so pleasant in Mumbai, I’m loving every bit of it 🙂  Remember how I mentioned in my previous post that I was using 7 different shampoos, so I thought I would start reviewing the ones that aren’t already covered on IMBB. So, today, I am starting with Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo. Since I get most of my skin care stuff from Saudi on an annual basis, I always prefer to go through the Nivea website to check for new launches. When I saw this shampoo, I was surprised as I never knew that Nivea had branched out into hair care as well and since most of Nivea products worked very well for me, I picked it up thinking it would work wonders. Read on to know whether it lived up to my expectations.

Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo Review

Product Description:

Mid to long hair can look dull and lifeless, lacking shine and softness. Diamond Gloss Shampoo with rare diamond particles and the BIOSOFT System makes your hair reflect the light for dazzling diamond shine.

Available in 250 ml and 400 ml.

How It Works:

Revives your hair’s brilliance with the indulgent formula created with diamond particles and the BIOSOFT System.  Provides your hair with smoothness, softness, and shine!

Shine Shampoo 1

How To Apply:

Apply to wet hair, massage gently, rinse thoroughly.


5.73$ for 250 ml.

My Experience with Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo:

The shampoo comes in a regular cylindrical bottle with a flip-open type of packaging and the bottle closes perfectly, so there are no issues about leakage at all. The bottle is grayish lavender in color with a holographic sticker and pinkish magenta fancy font. The packaging is much prettier than any drugstore packaging. It is a pearlescent white shampoo with many micro shimmers which look very pretty when you squeeze out the shampoo in the palm of your hand. I have attached pics with flash and in sunlight so that you can spot the shimmers easily.

Gloss Shampoo 3

Gloss Shampoo 4

The consistency of the shampoo is a little runny, not very runny, but it’s a cross between runny and creamy. It has a fruity fragrance but not like TBS, this fruity is somewhat fake, maybe its because of the chemicals in the shampoo.

Now, coming to what it does to my hair. Well honestly, it just adds shine to my hair and does nothing else at all. When I used this initially, my hair looked shiny when I brushed through it, but at the same time, it made my hair so rough. My hair was just looking nice, but it wasn’t healthy at all. I didn’t like to touch my hair at all because of the super dry feeling. It felt as dry and rough as hay. I even tried using it in summers, winters as well as the rainy season, but it still gave the same effect, shiny BUT dry hair!!

Gloss Shampoo 2

Also, it isn’t effective in removing oil at all. Once after oiling my hair, I tried to wash off the oil from my hair using this shampoo and the oil didn’t budge one bit even after 3 washes!! :O

Pros of Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo:

  • Makes hair shiny.
  • Good packaging.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo:

  • Makes hair so rough.
  • Doesn’t help in washing off oil.
  • Unpleasant fragrance.
  • Not available in India.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo?

Well honestly, I wouldn’t ever want a shampoo which just makes my hair shiny at the expense of deteriorating its health by making it so rough. So, please stay away from this and since I do not like to waste products, I am using it for cleaning my gel liner brushes and TBS kabuki, at least it works in this department 😛

PS: I would review the conditioner next which does a fairly better job than the shampoo.

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11 thoughts on “Nivea Diamond Gloss Shine Shampoo Review

  1. Nivea has shampoo??!??!? o_O
    And the quality isn’t all that great? Aw 🙁
    I trust Nivea blindly. Maybe not such a good idea when it comes to their hair care stuff, yeah?
    Although they don’t sell it here, so it doesn’t matter right now 😛
    Good review, Roshini 🙂

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