Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel Review

Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel Review

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Do you all love to indulge in bath products with lush, soothing or overpowering fragrances.  I love fragrant shower gels and body washes.  I am not much into soaps, but I think Fab India has some lovely soaps.  I recently tried the Indian Lotus Soap and loved it!

Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel Review

It’s difficult for me to hold myself back when I see different shower gels/body washes. It looks odd but never mind I still sniff shower gels and lotions before I purchase them 😛

I had not tried Nivea products since long, so once while shopping, what caught my sight was Nivea Shower Gel. Amongst those that were on the shelf, I decided to pick Nivea Shower Gel in Fitness Fresh after sniffing it a bit. 😛

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 165 for 250 ml.


It comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The packaging is leak proof.

Product Description:

Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel


Ingredients are mentioned on the bottle, but since there was some sticker (with information regarding import, etc., I couldn’t see the entire list of the ingredients ).  I am unable to remove that sticker completely 🙁

My Take on Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel:

When I bought this, I thought that this one would have a strong sporty fragrance, but the fragrance is very mild. It did not linger at all. In fact, the fragrance was all gone when I washed the shower gel off.

It doesn’t lather that well. I used this like any other shower gel that I have used before, but I found that this one does not give me a squeaky clean kind of feel.

Nivea Shower Gel

Even after washing off the shower gel with hot water, I still felt as if something is still there on my body. It kind of felt a bit sticky.

I think this would suit dry-skinned beauties. My skin isn’t overly dry and hence I might have felt it a bit sticky. Although it can be used for both body and hair, I didn’t try it on hair as my scalp is already oily and this shower gel seems to be sticky.

Nivea Shower Gel

I have kept this away for a while now. I think this would suit my skin during winters.

Summing it up:

Quite inexpensive for the quantity provided. I feel this could be good for people with overly dry skin and also good for people who like mild fragrances that do not linger too long. It does not give a refreshing feel. This one is definitely not for me.

IMBB Rating:

Average 🙁

Would I Buy Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel Again?

Definitely no.

Do I Recommend Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel?

Not really, unless you have overtly dry skin and may wish to give it a try.

A small tip – to make your shower gels lather well, pour some warm water on the loofah before pouring the shower gel. Also, do not put all the shower gel at one place, instead spread it all over and then again put some warm water over it and rub the loofah with your hands once or twice and then use it. This way you require less quantity and it would give you a fairly good amount of lather.

Thanks ladies for reading 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Nivea Fitness Fresh Shower Gel Review

  1. i bought its another variant pearl & beauty & loving it…it have a mild fragrance & it moisturizes my dry skin 😛

    1. Really.. that sounds good Aarti… for some reason I never tried the other variants. I will check them soon.. Thanks a ton 🙂

  2. thanks dipti for such a wonderful review. based on your review i’ll try it in winter. i have dry skin in winter. sometimes so much that i actually apply baby oil on my hands and legs. plus i love mild fragrances for my shower gel something that does not last long. plus this one is so affordable! like you i love trying different shower gels/creams.

    1. Thanks so much.. I hope this one helps you during winters.. you must check shower cremes then with shea or jojoba butter that would soothe your dry skin during winters… Currently I am totally loving the Palmolive Thermal Spa Body wash in crushed coconut and jojoba butter…

      1. thanks dear for your advice i am tired of using shea shower cream from TBS. plus this is less expensive. i will check out palmolive thermal as well. i use dove for change.

    1. Thankoo Rati.. 🙂

      and same here I wonder why they call it Fitness Fresh… I will check other body washes from this Nivea..

  3. I have extra dry skin.. and I am using it these days when the winters have started.. but I will not recommend it to anyone.. since it makes my dry skin evn more dry.. besides no matter how much you wash, this thing give you the sticky feeling.. so a No No from me.

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