Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts Deodorant Review

Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts Deodorant Review

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Today, I am going to review Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts Deodorant. It is my brand new deodorant(yay!!!) and it smells like heaven. I wanted to review the old deodorant I was using, a Garnier mineral one for women, especially meant for waxed/shaved skin, but I threw the bottle away on a cleaning spree(grrrrr). Bad riddance to bad rubbish I say, because I used that terrible smelling thing as my body spray for so long to punish myself for being a cheapskate. Garnier deos are cheaper than others, usually costing Rs.150 and that one I got for Rs. 125. I wasn’t allowed to break the seal, so I had no idea it was going to smell like a machinery factory (eww).

Relatively, the Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts deo is a sweet-smelling break from that. The Pearl one also smells nice and elegant, but since I have used it before, I went ahead and gave this a try.

The Claim:

● 24-hour reliable deodorant protection and a subtle fresh feeling.
● Without colorants or preservatives.
● Skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

The Price:

Rs. 175 for 150 ml. I got it for Rs.160.

Directions for Use:

1. Spray directly on underarm skin.
2. Hold the can 15 cms away from the underarm.
3. Do not spray on clothes.
4. Do not spray on broken or irritated skin.
5. Allow product to dry completely.

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Here are some photos:

Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts Deodorant Review

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Up Close

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The Review:

In this review, I want to focus on some of the mistakes that people make when it comes to deodorants, even though there are almost always directions on the bottle telling them the correct process to use deodorants. It is a case similar to a cigarette pack carrying the “smoking is injurious to health” disclaimer. Anyway, let’s focus on these directions first.

1. Spray directly on underarm skin. Many people spray their deos on their underarms with the top on. Trust me, it serves no purpose except for the fabric in that area smelling nice. A deodorant has to prevent body odor that is a combination of sweat, dirt and other particles from being strong enough to turn people off. Spraying on the fabric does not prevent that. Ditto for spraying perfume on your dress. It serves no purpose except for making that particular area of the fabric fragrant, not the whole. It might lead to discoloration and anyway leaves ugly “perfume marks” on the fabric.

2. Hold the can 15 cms away from the underarm. I don’t know any scientific explanation of this, but it makes a hell of a lot difference if you don’t do this. I have sprayed my deo really close to my underarms for many years, thinking that would give a stronger, more concentrated smell. It has badly pigmented my underarms, so that my underarms are much darker compared to the rest of my arms. However, as I started making an effort to spray keeping the can 15 cms away, there was no change in the effectiveness of the deodorant and my underarms are not darkening anymore.

There’s really a dearth of good women’s deos in India. A few years back, I got inspired to use men’s deos because my friends did not “believe” in women’s deos. It was quite a sexist view, calling women’s deos “flowery” and “weak”. Well, I got tired of smelling like a man and so went back to women’s deos. However, except for Nivea and Dove, no other brands are worth buying. No Temptations or even Garnier, all Garnier deos suck.

Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts has a very soft, feminine smell. It reminds me more of a nutritive night cream than a day-time deodorant. It is not a very strong deodorant, but you can spend your working day without re-applying. You won’t smell bad. True to its claim, the smell is “subtle”, but it doesn’t last “24 hours”. It is gone after a day out and a night’s sleep. And even though you won’t smell nice, you won’t smell terrible either.

The “Parfum” is not elaborated upon, but few ingredients that provide the oceanic smell are mentioned. Maris limus extract is also called sea silt and is an extract from marine sediments. It is also a skin protector though scientists have debated about that fact. Ostrea shell extract is basically an extract from oyster shells. It is supposed to provide skin conditioning and is abrasive in nature(!) and used for polishing. I do not find the deo making my skin rougher, though I do not find it smoother as well. Persea gratissima oil is just avocado oil, despite the exotic name. I suppose it is also meant for skin softening, which is what avocado is supposed to do, but again I won’t say that this deo really goes the extra mile.

So, sea silt and oyster extract really make the typical fragrance of this deo, and they really do a fine job of it. It is warm and salty and very relaxing, almost makes me want to sleep instead of going out in the morning!

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14 thoughts on “Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts Deodorant Review

  1. Hey Amrita,
    Lovely review!! I never took the ‘spray 15 cm away from the underarms’ thing seriously. And the result is dark underarms.
    Now, I’ll really follow the instructions! :thanks:

    1. you really should dnyanashree. it makes a huge difference. now i want to get rid of the pigmentation but i don’t know how

  2. Hi Amrita, I am not a deo person at all. i am mostly into perfumes but recently i picked up nivea whitening roll on because when you wear sleeveless dresses, a roll on or a deo becomes a must. Loving it so far. glad this one worked for you. :))

  3. nice review! I generally use Perfumes or body mists now but I’ve used a Nivea one 2-3 years back a lot! Will try this one too 🙂

  4. superb review i just wanted to skim thru d review focusing only on the smell part but once i started i couldn’t help but reading the article fully 🙂

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