Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Review

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Review

Hi all,

I have not been very active on IMBB nowadays, reason being my exams coming closer and closer. The overall result last time was just 3% all over India and God only knows what ICAI is planning to do with us hapless students this time, given, it is entirely the student’s fault that it is the election year because of which exams had to be postponed by a month.  So, let us torture the students by first setting a paper which has not even been in their worst of nightmares, and then flunk them by scaling the result down the lowest of single digit, and then blame the that 97% students did not study, hence the low result. Phew, enough ranting on my part. Sorry people, just got carried away 😛


The product which I am going to review today, is a new launch from Nivea – Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer with Almond Oil for dry skin. The concept of skin conditioner, although fairly common abroad, is new in India. I, for instance, had never heard of it till I came across this one while actually browsing for a decent body wash. The idea appealed to me and I immediately placed an order for it.

Before I move on with the review, I want to share a dreadful shopping experience with you guys. This was my first drugstore purchase from an online store, a terrible one. I do not blame them, but I guess either they had not taken enough care with the packaging (this being a fragile product), or had not coordinated with their courier partner (Blue Dart in this case, which was supposed to be my favourite carrier). Whatever be the reason, the package came with product broken. Nearly 1/4th of the product was leaked and the only consolation was that at least the outer packaging was secure so I could still utilize the remaining product (after a thorough cleaning session of the container, that I did purely out of psychological reasons). Thankfully, the online portal refunded the whole money after I had registered the complaint along with the pictures of the damaged product. Still, I just could not bring myself to waste so much product.  I have been using it for the past week, let’s see how it fared on my normal to dry body skin.



The Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer comes in a sturdy inverted plastic container with a flip cap, which shuts securely (although I don’t need it, you see, my product opens completely from the neck itself, much like the “Nearly Headless Nick,” the Gryffindor Ghost of Harry Potter series 😛 )


The packaging itself is travel friendly, yes it is, because what happened with me was a case of pure carelessness on the part of courier company.  So, the packaging is travel friendly unless you want to keep them below your micro-wave and refrigerator (while shifting home), and then sit over it. Then, I can assure you, it will certainly not be travel friendly 😛  It comes at a price of Rs. 250/- for a quantity of 250 ml, so pretty affordable.

When you check the ingredients, there are no parabens (yippeeeee, me happy) *happydance*. Although Nivea products are alcohol based *scared*

P.S. : Please ignore the broken part. I have thoroughly cleaned the container and somehow tried to put the two nearly headless pieces in one, to give you a picture of the product.

My Experience with Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser:

If I have haplessly oily to combination facial skin, I have normal to dry torso and dry legs. See, a weird case I am, I know that.  The basic concept of skin conditioner is fairly easy, almost identical to hair conditioners; i.e. after using a body wash, you have to apply skin conditioner, leave on for two minutes, and then rinse off.  A slippery feeling maybe there, but that goes away after toweling.


The first thing which you notice is the smell, which is the typical Nivea one, and I love it. It has a nice, soothing, milky and nourishing kind of fragrance, if you know what I mean. Also, it stays in a mild and tender kind of whiff afterwards.


When I first used this after my body wash, I had no idea what to expect. It felt like I was applying body lotion mixed with the shower water on me. Anyway, according to the instructions, I left this for two minutes with my hair conditioner, and started to rinse it. I was horrified initially, yes. The reason? That super slippery yuck kind of feeling, you know, like the product has stuck to your body and you are struggling to wash it away, I hated it.  Still, when the slip refused to go away even after five minutes of intense rubbing, I finally gave up since the third instruction anyway recommended that after toweling, you are left with soft skin. Indeed, after toweling, the slippery feeling was gone, and my skin had a nice soft bounce. Although I do want to mention here that their claim that you will not need a body lotion does not stand true for the dry skin ladies. Your skin will be soft after usage, the flakiness will not be there, but, I do suggest a normal body lotion after this to lock in the moisture. The synergistic effect of the skin conditioner + body lotion are much better.


Can you see my own version of “Nearly Headless Nick” here. Sigh! Had I not fallen in love with this new idea and product, I would have gladly thrown it out to take out all my pent up anger on the online portal.  Still, at least the poor people took quick action after my outburst, so I do give them credit for that.

Caution:  This does make the bath floor slippery, not much, but a little bit.  So, do not forget to use a wiper after bath to avoid any kind of accident.

Summing up:

Pros of Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser:

  • Makes skin soft and bouncy.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Locks in moisture when used along with a mild body lotion.
  • Smells really good and soothing, the typical Nivea smell which I love, to leave a floral whiff afterwards.
  • Normal skin can skip body lotion if in a hurry, although I would still recommend to use a mild lotion to lock in the moisture.
  • No parabens. *happydance*
  • Travel friendly (my case is exceptional, please ignore).
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser:

  • The concept is a bit time consuming (2 additional minutes after body wash).
  • The slippery feeling after washing is irritating (although it goes away completely after toweling, as mentioned in instructions).
  • Dry skinned beauties would still need body lotion. Using only this would soothe the skin, but not for long.
  • Alcohol content, all kinds *scared*

IMBB Rating:

I would rate the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer for dry skin like this :
Normal Skin : 4.75/5
Normal to Dry Skin : 3.9/5
Dry Skin : 3/5 (you can skip)

Since it suited my normal body skin beautifully, and I am loving the soft and bouncy feel to it, I would repurchase and recommend.

As the product has been such an eye sore, I thought I should share my new possessions with you all, although a little late. A girl can never have enough bags and I am no exception. I got three this month, each for a different purpose, and was lucky enough in all three cases *hihi*


I got my first pink bag!! The Cappucino one for 50% off online!!! *happydance* It’s such a superb medium size sling cum hand bag which is perfect for a day out. Not ridiculously large but spacious enough to fit your essentials 😀


The second one is the Da Milano Clutch!!!!! My second Giveaway prize from IMBB this year!!!!! I loooove you guys *happydance*
The third one is a makeup pouch from Avon (finally, I got one). It is truly an excellent one to keep your essentials when you are on the go. Plus, I did not need to purchase the Rs. 1500 worth Avon cosmetics required for it, I just happened to be at the parlour when a spare one was there, so I just paid for it and came back home skipping *happydance* again 😀


Hope you all found my review useful. Now, I am back to my books *cry* *cry*. Till the next time, byeeee, love you all mmuuaaahh :* :* :*

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  1. Kadambari, I had the same experience with the same online portal you are talking about. I had ordered a perfume which was only half when it reached me, the rest of it leaked out of the packaging *headbang*

    1. Hain sachhi??? *shock* And here i was thinkin that mayb the poor guys just did it once by mistake…naa baba now no purchasing of liquid products frm shampoos, conditioners, body lotion, body wash, face wash etc. frm ther *nonono* *nonono*

  2. Wow, what an interesting product. I’d surely love to try it. If not daily, would love to pamper my skin on weekends! 🙂 Well written review dear.

  3. I think it’s ICAI’s fault that they clear so many students in CPT. I mean if they have this policy of passing such lower number of students in the finals, then why ruin their life by accepting so many students at entry level?! In Finals they pass 3% and in CPT they pass 35-40%. Logic?

    Btw Lovely Bags! I’m a bag fanatic myself 🙂

    1. exactly my point…35% in cpt, 15% in pcc and 5% in finals!!! i mean shudnt it b in the reverse order??? r u doin CA too??? feels good to meet fellowmates *hifive*

      n yesssss i looooove bags…all sizes 😀 😛

      1. Exactly! It’s really unfair to students and these people are too ruthless to understand -_-
        Actually no I’m not 😛 My cousin is doing CA and I feel for her. So I’ve been trying to understand the logic behind this stupid system *headbang*

        Yes! All Sizes indeed 😀

        1. hahah…dude dont even try to understand..u’ll go nuts…just do her a favour n dont ask bout her results till she clears n tells herself…trust me nothin bugs a CA student more than people askin every jan n july “beta result kya raha?”..seriously uncleji niklega sabse pehle aap hi ko bataynge.. *secret* *secret*

  4. All the bags are really pretty, lovely review 🙂 and such a horrible experience *pan* from which website did u buy it I will be very careful next time *haan ji*

    1. thanks dhara *puchhi* n ya the experience…dont ask what i felt when i opened it…pure horror…got dis from snapdeal *headbang* *headbang* atleast they wer decent enough to that too in the form of snapdeal cash *spank* *spank*

  5. I have also shopped twice from them and once the products was on quite pricey side thankfully there was no problem but from now on I will be very careful *haan ji*

    1. dunno..this was the first time i purchased dis kind of product from the site..horrible experience *spank* *spank*

    1. thaaanks *puchhi* rofl yeah…u can say i m a harry potter fanatic…so dis was the first thing which came to my mind wen i saw the condition of the product 😀

  6. Aww kadambari.. *puchhi* u will surely hit ur target.. *pompom* gud luck.. *pompom*
    thanx for clearing views abt this deal, i will make sure to let my frnds n relatives knw n take care abt these mis handlings.. *haan ji*

    1. thanx neetu di… *puchhi* n no worries..i am determined enuf to achieve my dream..dat of a CA against my name..trying hard for it 🙂 🙂

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