Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel Review

Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel Review

I always loved luxury shower gels for that relaxing bath experience.  Today, I will be reviewing a shower gel which is from Nivea and tell you all what made me love it.

Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel Review

Product Description:

Discover the best out of two worlds under the shower: Immediate freshness and rich care.  Refresh your senses with the light lemon- scent, while the silky fresh gel with valuable oil pearls and lemongrass extract turns into caring soft foam- for the unique sensation of a fresh, well-cared skin.


Got it from online for Rs. 165 for 250 ml.

How To Use:

Add a few drops on to a wet loofah and work out a lather. Massage gently and rinse.

Shelf Life:

12 months.

Shower Gel 1

My Experience with Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel:

I just love the smell of this shower gel.  Its a mild lemon grass scent which is intoxicating and really relaxes you while showering. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a blue flip top cap.

Shower Gel 2

The colour is a light jade green and you can see tiny orange yellow beads of oil. The small beads melt in water and when I squeezed one, I got something oily out of it. Later, I learnt that it was supposed to be sunflower oil for moisturising effect. This is an excellent shower gel for summers. It made my skin smooth and no itchy feeling, but you may need moisturiser or lotion if you have dry skin.  A small coin-sized amount is enough and it lathers really well.  Got a free loofah with it (though I already have a loofah from Amway, which has a holder as well).

Body Wash

Pros of Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel:

  • Refreshing lemon grass smell.
  • Oil beads for moisture.
  • Really lathers well and keeps skin smooth.
  • A little amount is enough, so it will come a long way.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Free loofah.
  • Doesn’t feel slippery.

Cons of Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel:

  • Might be a bit drying for dry-skinned beauties.
  • Contains SLS and parabens.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Nivea Lemon and Oil Shower Gel?

Yes, of course.

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  1. i have nivea fitness fresh shower gel and i don’t like it. but this one seems great. i should have got this one instead of fitness fresh 🙁

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