Nivea Lip Butter Blueberry Blush Review

Nivea Lip Butter Blueberry Blush Review

Hello Ladies,
I was out purchasing some toiletries this week, no nothing too exciting, just the usual boring stuff. However, I came across this little exciting tin of joy. I have previously made use of Nivea’s Lip Butter Raspberry Rose. I was such a huge fan of it, so I most definitely had to reach out for this one too.

Product Claims :
The momoisturizingormula of NIVEA Lip Butter with Hydra IQ contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil and provides intense moisture and long-lasting care. The indulgent formula creates sensationally soft lips.

Price- £ 2.10

My Experience with Nivea Lip Butter Blueberry Blush

This lovely lip balm comes in a really cute little tin, with luscious blue berries adorning the front of the tin. The lid of the tin is tightly secured and you have to apply a slight force while opening it. However, I have no qualms about it. I am personally a huge fan of the packaging except for the fact that you have to dip your fingers into it. You all know, I have O.C.D. hygiene issues with my products, but I let that one slide due to its cute packaging.

The lip balm is essentially light pink in color, but applies on completely transparent on your lips. Since the winter blues are in full swing in London, I definitely need a lip balm that will take care of my moisturizing and hydration needs. This Nivea lip butter seems to do the job more than fine. Only a very little amount of the lip balm is actually required for it to completely moisturize your dry lips. Having said that I would not recommend this product to those who have very bad chapped lips. As this is not medicinal , so it may not be beneficial to you. But for those ladies, who just want hydration and a lovely sheen to your lips this is perfect. It is absolutely lightweight, does not feel sticky on your lips and does not feel uncomfortable at all. It is such a light layer of product on your lips and you cannot tell the difference at all.

As for the fragrance, it has such a yummy fragrance. My lips smell like a box of blueberries. It is definitely not like the chemical stuff you get out there in the market, Maybelline Baby Lips being one of them. This smells really natural and does not have an odd taste to it either. The fragrance is not overpowering. Just enough to give you a nice bearable smell, which is absolutely great. As for the staying power, it is relatively good for a lip balm. However you will definitely need to reapply it after a few hours or after a meal or a couple of hot or cold drinks.

Overall I am a big fan of this lip balm and loving it for the winter season out here in London. It provides my lips with enough moisture and hydration. It is ideal for travelling and carrying around in your bag daily.

Pros of Nivea Lip Butter Blueberry Blush

  • A nice smooth, velvety and rich lip butter.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates your lips really well.
  • Does not feel sticky or uncomfortable post application.
  • Has a yummy fragrance, like blueberries.
  • Does not taste anything like chemicals.
  • Leaves a gorgeous sheen on your lips.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Highly travel friendly.

Cons of Nivea Lip Butter Blueberry Blush

  •  Can not be used to treat heavily chapped lips.
  • You need to dip your fingers to apply the product.

Will I repurchase this?

I love this lip butter, and I probably will.

IMBB rating- 4.99/5.

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