Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream Review

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After my take and review on Nivea Pure & Natural Day cream I never thought I would purchase any moisturisers from this range. It was good but maybe it’s not the right product for my oily skin. But when I visited Superdrug last month, I glanced through a bundle of moisturisers, and my eyes got hooked on Nivea Pure and Natural Regenerating Night Cream. The first thing I noticed about this product is it is suitable for all skin types. Such a relief! It is such a task to hunt products suitable for one particular skin type seriously. And since it was Nivea I thought of trying it for once. Personally, I feel Nivea is the most popular, gentle and trustworthy brand I have come across in these many years.

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream

Price – £5.35 for 50 ml
Product Description – NIVEA Pure &Natural Skincare range combines trusted Skincare expertise with effective ingredients that work in perfect harmony with your skin.
Features – 95% of the ingredients are from natural origin including Aloe Vera and exotic Moroccan Argan Oil.
Benefits – If used daily, this effective NIVEA Night Cream which gives you naturally soft, smooth skin. Supports skin regeneration throughout the night. Provides intensive 24h moisturisation

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream details

My Experience with Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream:

I admire Nivea Packaging; the product is packaged in a neat dark blue box and the good point is, it contains all the information about the cream. This really helps the customers to know about the product before paying for it. The cream comes in a 50 ml cute petite tub which is easy for usage and travel. I prefer tubes as its hygienic but tubs also work fine as it is easy for application. Though the consistency is thicker and takes a little longer time to absorb, it is not heavy on the skin.

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream packaging

Well, before I start writing about my experience, let me ask a question. How of many of you apply a day moisturiser before hitting the bed at night? Yes, there are many! As we are not aware of the difference between a day and a night cream, we tend to apply the same cream 24/7 which is honestly not good for our skin.

Basically, a day cream is designed to protect the skin from pollution and harmful UV rays whereas a night cream attempts simply to rejuvenate, heal and restore the skin. A day cream acts as a strong base for makeup and usually contains SPF to protect from ecological components. And a night cream is mainly focused to provide moisture and work on the renewal process of the skin and it is usually thicker than a day cream. So, it’s so important to use two different creams to make the skin healthier, prettier and nourished.

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream description

So now back to my take, based on my last experience with Nivea Pure & Natural, I was little hesitant, less confident and reluctant about the results. But nope, it’s not the case this time. I have been using this cream for a month now and I am satisfied by the outcome. It keeps skin hydrated, soft and supple. The fragrance of this cream is light and it reminds me of the basic Nivea crèmes. It helps to gives good amount of freshness to enrich skin.

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream open tub

As this product is from Pure & Natural range, it comprises of 95% ingredients of natural origin. No artificial chemicals and ingredients! The advantage is, it is free from parabens, silicones, colorants and mineral oils. The main two components of the product are organically grown aloe vera and argan oil which provides wonderful benefits to the skin. The other ingredient Panthenol supports skin regeneration throughout the night.

Usually, we wake up with either dry patches on oily surface, but this cream moisturises the skin perfectly. As it has a thick texture, just a small amount is required for one application. It is suitable for sensitive skin and is dermatologically approved. So overall, a good, affordable and gentle night cream for all skin types.

Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream product

Pros of Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream:

• Formulated with natural ingredients.
• Supports natural skin balance.
• Good on pocket.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Suitable for sensitive skin.
• Keeps skin soft, hydrated and supple.
• Provides good moisture to the skin.
• Neatly packaged.
• Helps to regenerate the skin at night.
• Dermatologically tested.

Cons of Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream:

• Availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream?
Yes, after writing a positive review, I would definitely recommend and repurchase this simple yet effective night cream product.

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