Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil Review

Skin type : Normal-Dry

We all go through phases where our weight keeps fluctuating like crazy, giving us those lovely stretch marks. I have a strong belief that only time can fade those stretch marks, still I opted for this oil. I have already finished one bottle of this oil, and this is my second bottle. Let’s see if it’s a product worth having.

Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil Review

Product Description:
Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil is a powerful formula developed by Nivea with multiple benefits for your skin:

• The caring formula gives you a soft skin feeling.
• Suitable for massaging skin imperfections such as stretch marks.
• Firms your skin within 2 weeks.
• Moisturises your skin intensively.
• Improves the natural beauty of your skin.
• It absorbs quickly and helps to improve the condition of your skin.

Massage into the areas of the skin where it is needed most at least twice a day.

INR 375 for 200ml; I got it for INR 110


how to use

My Experience with Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil:


The outer carton contains every detail about the product and the immediate bottle too. I like such packagings. The bottle is sturdy but not really travel friendly; I feel it might spill with a little pressure. The bottle has a small hole through which the product gets dispensed. You do not have full control over the product getting dispensed and you cannot put it back in either.

The oil has a little yellow tint but does not affect the skin’s color. The oil is super lightweight, non greasy, non sticky and gets absorbed with just a little massage. It has a mild fragrance which is pleasant and does not bother at all. It never induces sweating and feels comfortable even when I am working out.


Now, the most important part – does it work? Can it remove stretch marks? Well, this is a very clever product. Its main claims are to make the skin soft, smooth and even. Well, to be honest, it has made my skin softer and smoother. I apply it twice – morning and evening. I mandatorily apply it before my workout. As I said before, this is my second bottle. And, I have not seen any major changes in my stretch marks; they are pretty much there, and look just the same to me. Just that my marks haven’t grown over time but I am not sure if that’s because of the oil.


Overall this oil, to me, feels more like an oil based moisturiser or a lightweight massage oil that makes skin soft, smooth and moisturised. It is not at all an effective product at removing stretch marks. Had I used some home remedy with this kind of dedication, I would have got better results, I feel. Total dud for me! I will, however, finish this bottle too and update this review if I see any difference.


Pros of Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil:

• Packaging carries every detail about the product
• Very lightweight
• Moisturising
• Does not feel greasy
• Gets absorbed super quickly
• Mild fragrance
• Softens the skin
• Price

Cons of Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil:

• Packaging
• Even two bottles don’t show any drastic result

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2 thoughts on “Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil Review

  1. i dont know if any of these stretch mark products work.. havent come across any so far… :(( good review shikhs. atleast it turned out to be a decent moisturiser… :))

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