Nivea Sensitive Body Lotion Review

Body type: Very dry skin
Hello IMBBians,
It is almost summer in Netherlands; that means my body gets less dry! It is really a pain to search for thick lotions/oils to keep my body moisturized. So with new seasons come new lotions. I picked up 2 lotions from Nivea and this is the review on the first one: Nivea Sensitive Body lotion. So, read on to know more.
Nivea Sensitive Body lotion

What the company claims:
This special formulation with natural Plant Extracts, Chamomile and Mint Balm works in harmony with the skin to gently nourish and soothe. Leaving your sensitive skin feeling soft and supple.

How it works:
• Reduce skin roughness
• Calm and relax the skin
• Maintain the skin’s natural balance without stressing the skin.

Price: €5.39 for 250ml


My Experience with Nivea Sensitive Body Lotion:

Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful skin? I have been using Nivea Products for some time now and I must say that I am in love with them. So when my lotion finished, I picked up Nivea this time! I have used their Sensitive range and I loved it; so this lotion came as an addition to the already present collection.

The bottle is kind of similar to Nivea beauty range packaging. The lotion comes in a white bottle with a blue cap. The cap doesn’t have a click but like a magnet it zaps itself shutting tight. It is plastic and not magnet but I like the mechanism. The lotion is white in color and has medium thickness and is creamy. The smell is pleasant, nothing fancy or girly and has the typical Nivea smell.
nivea lotion bottle

The lotion gets absorbed very quickly by the skin and gives a light hydrated sheen. There is no greasy residue and the absorption is within seconds of application. The lotion also makes the skin look fresh and makes my skin supple and healthy. It performs just like any other lotion but the ‘softness” claim is a dud! After application if I feel my hands, they are the same and there is no major difference. It has been more than 2 weeks now and I believe that the claim to be false as there were no results.

It nourishes the skin but I wouldn’t recommend the product for dry skinned beauties. I have dry skin on my body and this lotion gave me good moisturisation only for 5-6 hours and by the evenings, my skin was dry again and the lotion had to be reapplied. For normal skin and summer/spring season this would be a good product but for winters it is a strict NO-NO! One of the best things about this product is that it is meant for sensitive skin. My skin turns red when I wax and this lotion soothes my skin and I never had any redness recently when I waxed my legs and arms. So, I have kept this lotion to heal my freshly waxed body!
open bottle

So summing up,

Pros of Nivea Sensitive Body Lotion:

• Soothes freshly waxed/epilated arms and legs.
• Travel friendly.
• Gets absorbed very quickly.
• Doesn’t leave greasy residue.
• Makes skin look hydrated, fresh and healthy.
• Perfect product for spring/summer.

Cons of Nivea Sensitive Body Lotion:

• Not suitable for dry skin.
• Needs reapplication.
• Cannot be used all throughout the year.
• Pricey!

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Would I Repurchase Nivea Sensitive Body Lotion?

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