Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel Review

Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel

Hello ladies…,

Back with another review today. Hope you all are doing marvelous and are in good health. I am going to review about the Nivea water lily oil shower gel that a I bought a few days ago . Read on to find out how it fared.

Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel

Product description:

Discover the the unique combination of freshness and rich care under the shower .stimulate your senses with the feminine scent of waterlily ,while the silky fresh gel with pampering oil turns into caring soft foam-for the fabulous sensation of beautiful silky skin.feel reborn with every shower.

Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel

I have always liked nivea products; they have always been gentle and friendly on my skin. This product is no exception. Waterlily the, variant itself seemed very unique and one of a kind. Never used anything with extract of the said flower. It seems pretty too, with that baby pink color ,very appealing and very girly..

It comes in a colorless bottle, with a blue flip-open cap. The color of the shower gel seems baby pink in color with suspended yellowish beads( I guess they claim it to be the waterlily extracts). However, the color has very less density itself. When, poured some of the gel onto the palm, it seems colorless, totally.

Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel  (3)

My experience Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel:

I have always had a pleasant experience with Nivea skin care products. This one too hasn’t let me down. It has a beautiful soft fragrance, which reminds you that it’s designed for the all the wonderful women out there. Comes with the “Hydra IQ “technology which claims to keep your skin hydrated and soft, I agree on it, if not fully, but partially. It keeps your skin hydrated for a longer time and doesn’t give you the “dry” feeling for long ,like 2-2.5 hours, which I think is satisfactory. The bottle is a hard one , but I prefer not carrying it along as it has a flip-open cap . The quantity doesn’t have to be too much, just two coin-sized dollops and it’s good to go for all over the temple. It comes with a free loofah (I guess every shower gel in the market does) which to adds to the goodness. I a nutshell, I am happy with all that the product has to offer .

Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel

Price: INR 175 for 250ml

Shelf life: 36months

Ingredients: aqua, sodium laureath sulfate,cocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate,parfum,disodium cocoyl glutamate,helianthus annuus.

Pros of Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel :

• Inexpensive.
• Decent quantity.
• pH skin-balanced skin tolerance.
• Dermatology tested.
• Soft, beautiful, very girly fragrance.
• Leaves the skin hydrated, no “dry” feeling.
• Available widely.
• Free loofah (added bonus 😛 ).
• Looks pretty ,with the baby pink color of the gel.
• Easy to dispense.
• Lathers well with less quantity, hence lasts long.

Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel  swatch

Cons of Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel :

• Doesn’t make your skin” soft” as claimed.
• Cant think of any other point.

Do I recommend or would I repurchase Nivea Waterlily And Oil Shower Gel ?

Yes, of course I recommend to all of you. And yes I sure would give it another shot.
Hope this was helpful. See you next time women.

Stay happy, stay beautiful.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

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  1. Devleena, this looks good. 🙂 I haven’t tried any shower gel from nivea.. I may check it out once i finish my soap & glory, tbs & m&s shower creams!! 😛

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