Nivea Whitening Deodorant-Fruity Touch

Nivea Whitening Deodorant-Fruity Touch

New NIVEA Whitening Deo unique formula, licorice extracts, repairs damaged skin thus making underarm skin fair and even toned. The result is no dark spots and visibly fairer underarms along with a feminine long lasting fragrance.

I am huge fan of this version of the same deo. When I saw this in the new variant, “fruity touch” I knew I had to get it. I purchased this during one of my sessions of online window shopping and ended up touching INR 400 for free shipping and you know how it goes. Anyway, everything I got was essential and this is one of them.


INR 179.


Nivea Whitening Deodorant Fruity Touch

I always consider Dove and Nivea to make gentle and effective deos, though they are mild and not very over the top with their fragrance, they still leave a gentle whiff of fragrance when you pass by, and combat odour very well. Sometimes I top these deos with an overpowering one like Spinz if I have a long day out.Basically, these have a nice and gentle feel to them with some mild neutralizing fragrance to them.

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Nivea Whitening Deodorant Fruity Touch (4)

The deo comes very mild in a Dove-like aerosol and exactly like its whitening version, just that this one is mauve instead of yellow. I the fragrance is very floral-fruity very much like the dove ones, not perfum-y but still good enough to neutralize odour. I find it rose-y and lemony and not at all over the top, making is a great choice for people who dont really like strong smells (Osho, for that matter).

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Coming to the whitening claims, I like these deos because these are the only ones around with this claim, now who wouldn’t want to get whiter underarms along with odor control and some mild fragrance? This is the prime reason I buy them again and again. I do think they have a whiteing effect, over time, I had been using them religiosuly for about 4 months and I could see a 20 to 30 % difference. Initially I though they might form a thick white layer on the underarm, how fairness creams work, but I was wrong. At least this one does not coat your underarm,feels light and mild and still works at the whitening effect overtime(3 months minimum). At least no other deo has given me similar whitening results.

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Coming to the 48h claim, it is untrue! The deo neutralizes body odor for around 20 hours I would say, controls sweat for 6 hours and feel fragrant for 8 hours. But overall, I am quite impressed with this range.Though mild, they do a great job at what they claim.


Nivea Whitening Deodorant Fruity Touch


Last word:

Mild, effective, whitening, fragrant, lasting, and non-stinging deos, I love the floral-fruity feel to it and will be keeping a copy of this as long as I don’t find another whitening yet mild deo. Recommending this new fragrance “fruity touch” to everyone who loves Nivea!


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8 thoughts on “Nivea Whitening Deodorant-Fruity Touch

  1. He he Neha….I am a victim of the Rs. 400/Rs 500 for free shipping….I add up small things so that my total reaches 400 for free shipping 😛

    1. Surely.. all of us.. I sometimes even end up buying soaps to save shipping cost.. I have used the whitening roll-on deodorant from Nivea and that also works..

  2. I love nivea deos neha. I use the roll on versions. Super effective. I am not too much of a fruity fragrance person but I’d check this range for sure. :))

  3. ohhhh fairer arms… kharidna padega.. i used to love the white nivea and still love it… aapki shopping toh kabhi khatam hi nahi hoti… hihihi 😀

  4. They have one more version lavender. and pearl touch…they both are also equally ….but lavender is the best of the lot…the fragrance is very soothing and nice…i was a Faa user so switching to something else was not easy..i tried with dove its not at all effective .if u are looking for something that stays for longer hr then opt for nivea…

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