Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution Review

Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution

Hello Beauties,
nizoral anti dandruff solution

Hope everyone is doing good this Navratra☺As winters are approaching, it is also bringing the dandruff drama back for many of us. I have this problem of dandruff from like forever. As an infant I lost all my hair after getting dandruff (yes I was a hairless baby 😛 ) then during my 10th board I got so much busy with studies, I stopped combing my hair. No I did not become any scientist or something; it’s just that I started growing my hair around that time only. So I used to forget combing them, as my previous hair style (boy cut, yes that’s what the parlor aunty used to call it ☺ ) did not need any grooming from my side. I ended up with very bad dandruff, I went to doctor and with his medicines it got cured. But I lost lots of hair; I can say my hair became half after that medication. There on I became super conscious about keeping my hair dandruff free. I stared using lemon + coconut oil, curd hair pack, Onion pack etc but when u start to live away from home and there is no one to pamper your skin and hair with home remedies one has to start using readymade products. There on I made it habits to always have one anti dandruff shampoo in my shelf and I use that at least 2 times a month regularly. Recently my husband was suffering from dandruff too and I wanted to try something really effective with lasting result that is when I saw this product online. On its package it says a dandruff solution (shampoo is not mentioned anywhere), still I though there is no harm trying it out as Nizoral is known to cure dandruff.

Price: INR100 for 50ml

What Product claims: Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Solution with Ketoconazole 1% w/v gets rid of frustrating dandruff, giving you long lasting relief. It can be freely used on all hair types, colored hair and also with other hair grooming products. Nizoral Anti-Dandruff proven to give you unmatched freedom from dandruff.

nizoral anti dandruff

My Experience with Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution

Nizoral comes from the house of Johnson & Johnson. It contains 1% of Ketoconazole which is a proven anti-fungal medicine. The Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution is actually a shampoo which is light blue in color and has strong medicinal smell. Good news is this that this smell does not linger in hair but while using it in shower you will get this smell. It lathers well on non-oiled hair, for oiled hair I use regular shampoo to wash oil and then I use this one. I massage in on my scalp/hair and leave it there for 3-5 minutes as prescribed. Like most of the anti-dandruff shampoo this too makes hair dry so I always use some deep conditioning mask after this. For my husband’s normal/silky hair it was not too drying but for my already dry hair it was, so a good conditioner is must after this. Just after the first use I felt that my scalp is squeaky clean, I personally never felt that with any other shampoo ever (I felt as if it worked as a clarifying shampoo too ☺ ). I use it 2 times a month and my husband uses it weekly. This solution has been very effective on dandruff for both of us, full marks for that.

100ml lasted for 1.5 months for both of us. For me this has been the best anti-dandruff shampoo I have used till date, very effective. However online I have seen some articles on side effects of Ketoconazole. I have not seen any problem till now (like hair fall/discoloration etc) but I guess I have not used the product so long also. So I suggest use it regularly only till you have savior dandruff problem, after that using it as ones a week or twice a month treatment will do well.

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Pros of Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution

• Really effective in curing dandruff.
• Works on oily/dry/flaky dandruff. Helps keep the scalp healthy.
• Scalp feels squeaky clean. No oiliness even after 3 days of wash.
• Affordable.
• Easy to use, unlike cream medicines for dandruff.

Con of Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution

• Does dry hair, but then ever anti-dandruff shampoo does. Using conditioner helps.
• Ketoconazole has some side effects, so controlled usage is suggested.
• Full ingredients list not given.
• Available only in medical shops and online.

Final verdict on Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution: Very effective. I highly recommend this to people suffering from any type of dandruff.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Will I be repurchasing Nizoral Anti Dandruff Solution: for sure 🙂

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  1. Good review! I too used this shampoo years ago. Recently a doctor prescribed me Cipla 8X anti dandruff shampoo rather than Nizoral as the ingredients dont dry up the hair!! *haan ji*

    1. oh…. thats what I wrote Nimmy. somewhere I read about side effcets of it, so I feel once dandruff is in control one should not use it regularly *specs*

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