NoMarks Cream for All Skin Types Review

NoMarks Cream for All Skin Types

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Hi IMMBians
My review today is about my HG multifunction cream which is NoMarks Cream for all skin types.
Yes I’m pretty new to this but getting a hang of it plus I love writing and expressing my views and opinions.

So today I’m going to review NoMarks Cream for all skin types and ages.
NoMarks has lots of variants so let me elaborate.
The one I’ll be reviewing will be the pink tube which is for all skin types.
This is a 100% natural ayurvedic preparation.
I’ve used the green tube before which is meant for oily skin, since I have combination skin.
And smells somewhat like ginger. Yes that what the smell comes closest to. And I think that one is Gel Based.
But I find this pink tube is much better than the green one.
NoMarks Cream for all skin types has a non oily cream base. Even though its cream based, my skin did not breakout, neither did it become oily,
Which happens with all other creams I try on my face.
Also I feel it provides adequate moisture for my skin.

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Fragrance – it has a mild pleasant fragrance, somewhat ayurvedic.

Packaging – it comes in a tube form and not a flip cap but a screw on cap.
Price and Quantity – Rs.70 For 20gms + 5gms free. Plus you get their face wash free with this pack.
Active Herbal Ingredients: Enriched with Turmeric, Lemon, Wheat Germ Oil, Neem and Aloe.

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What the company says:
• Daily care for all skin types and uneven skin tone, Organic Actives Enriched. & especially formulated for normal skin.
• Nomarks Cream contains 100% natural actives micro nutrients, antioxidants and sunscreens.
• The natural actives, micro nutrients, antioxidants and sunscreens present in this pack penetrate deeper layers of skin to detoxify and nourish it.
• The actives control melanin accumulation and protect skin from sun damage and pollutants to give you a clear glowing fairness.
• Even normal skin can become dull and lose its even tone due to constant exposure to harsh sun and pollutants present in the air.
• Nourishes and detoxifies skin to prevent /dimish marks and uneven skin tone.

Ok so let me tell you guys, I have combination skin – Oily nose and normal skin.
Although the oil tends to reach my forehead & surrounding areas.
Sometimes I feel I can collect all the grease from my face & fry a Samosa..
Anyways so I don’t use much creams on my face.
I bought Nomarks for pimple marks as a teenager.
And apparently it worked wonders.
Even though I get fewer breakouts now, I still have pigmentation and acne marks so I use it on and off.
Now I mostly use it as a night cream as it gives me required moisturisation as well.
My feet tone is also very uneven, I use this cream on my feet after pedicure & scrubbing.
I’ve noticed it has removed the tan from my feet as well.
This cream works really fast. You can actually see the differences in just 2-3 applications.

So to sum it up.

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Pros of NoMarks Cream for all skin types

• Multi function cream – I use it as night cream, foot cream, on my elbows, knees & as a moisturiser.
• Removes all types of marks, age spots, dark circles, acne marks, tan and hyper pigmentation.
• Also lightens skin tone
• Works on existing pimples as well.
• Works very fast.
• Contains natural anti oxidants.
• Mild pleasant smell so will not irritate Sensitive noses.
• Does not cause any breakouts.
• Very economical price and easily available at all chemists.

Cons of NoMarks Cream for all skin types

Can’t find any. Yes I’m so in love with this. I would literally take it to my grave. He he.

Verdict– this is my HG cream for all skin problems. Yeaheh.

IMBB rating– 6 out of 5. He he he. I’m so impressed. You have to use it yourself to know its wonders.

Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin
No Marks Skin Cream For Teenagers
No Marks Sunscreen SPF 26
NOMARKS Herbal Scrub Soap


45 thoughts on “NoMarks Cream for All Skin Types Review

    1. Hey Parita,
      I love you posts on IMBB and whoa just saw your own are amazing girl..just saw the recipe and piccy of mango pound cake and my mouth is watering.. 🙂


  1. Hey Althea…. good review….am glad this worked so well for you…

    I used the green variant of this one only to be disappointed bcoz it made my skin super-oily….i just dumped that one in to the trash can…. 🙁

    1. Really surabhi?? I want to give this a try from today. Does it really works I had nvr tried these products.. I am getting tiny pimples on my forehead due to dandruff or something else I dont have any Idea 🙁 For I am really frustrated and sad also. But definitely going to use this from today and will tell u my results. Fingers Crossed! 🙁

  2. I dnt remember when I use nomarks for my acne scars. It did nothing but this review tempted me to try. Will check out at our local store. nice review Althea 🙂

  3. I guess it is a must have in every girls kit. We keep getting breakouts and those stupid marks just dont seem to fade away. :(( Thanks for the review. Totally getting it.

  4. I have been using this for past 5 mnths & ya it realy wrks!!!!!!!! :)glad u reviewed it so that evryone can know its benefits 😀

  5. I have been using this for past 5 mnths & ya it realy wrks!!!!!!!! :)glad u reviewed it so that evryone can know its benefits 😀

  6. Hi , nice review, just wanted to know will it also help in minimizing pores & chicken pox scars…??
    I have it on my face & forehead.
    Thnx 🙂

  7. 6 out of 5

    I am using Melas cream (its for hyperigmentation) its works like wonder
    its made my skin supersoft , clear n glowing everything everything

    but i want to discontinue it ,,cos it cause little peeling of skin

    pls suggest me can i use this one
    I have super duper oily n sensitive skin and very prone to sunburn

      1. thanks for reply 🙂
        Ingredient list is same in both products but i can’t believe Melas is completely herbal as my face was changed in only three days

        Actually my complexion is very fair but due it tanning it was 2 -3 shade darker but melas made my skin very fair in only 3 days, can you belive this????????????
        Previously I had lot of skin problem like pimple, dark spot , blemishes ,hyper pigmentation its all due to sun damage ,damage due to sea water ( my nose was 3 shade darker than other face,i was A girl with black nose ) but only in three days my skin totally renewed

        Now I am flawless

        now I want to try something really herbal and natural as herbal product se main to aese chamatar expect nahi karti
        And I am 24 year old

        1. your review might just rescue me from my frustration!! Will pich it up today.. thanks Althea.

          Buds.. what is this Melas cream?? is it commonly available at medicine stores??

          1. U can find it in any medical store
            Melas cream feom Eli pharma
            But it causes peeling of skin( very mild) .
            So patch test is a must

            How to write/post a review in IMBB
            I have a list of products to review but i dont know how to post
            Pls any one tell me..

  8. i use this daily as night cream…it really helps keeping my skin soft and problem free…and provides enough moisture to my combination skin…this is even my HG cream..

  9. great yaar! aftr reading ur review, got one for myself 2day. will b using it for its benefits. thnx for showing the way. grt review.

  10. Hi Althea,
    After reding your review i have bought myself this cream, and when i saw the texture and color of the cream its diffrent from the swatch here.. i have got a thick consistency cream with more of yellow tint in it , as soon as i apply it gets dried up :s and doesnt stay long on my face 🙁 .. is it that i have got a duplicate one? :s .. Please help. i really want a cream which will enhance the glow of the skin !!!

  11. thnx a lot Althea *thankyou* having a lot of hyper pigmentation but didnt knew what to do fr it..their r lot of products in market but all of thm contain parabens so i thought of going fr ayurvedic been using my derma creams but nt getting any results frm it too …

  12. HI .. I m 27 years old and after marriage I got acne’s on my face . It really makes my confidence down . After seeing the blog I too want to grab the cream . As my skin is over sensitive I am afraid but I want to give it a try . Thanks Althea for your review I will share my experience soon. FINGERS CROSSED.

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