All About Nose Piercing: How To Get It And Aftercare

Nose Piercing

So finally you have decided to get your nose pierced? The ten- fifteen minutes at the reception lobby waiting for your appointment with the piercing artist are the longest fifteen minutes of your life. Just flicking through the magazine or checking your phone over and over again doesn’t kill the nervousness. This article is completely to boost you up, Yes, you read it right. This post is dedicated to nose piercing, the latest ‘in’ thing. A bit painful, but trust me it’s worth the pain.

Nose Piercing

It’s the perfect answer to the question you ask yourself may be frequently, “what should I do for a change in my look?” The nose piercing is bound to be a striking addition to your face. It enhances your face by alluring it with appeal, sensuality, and gorgeousness. The nose studs are not just the recent trend that’s growing continuously, but they have been associated with Indian history since inception. It’s not just a body art anymore or a South African fashion. Nor is it connected with religious rituals anymore. It’s simply a trend and accessory which accentuates and enhances facial beauty.

The piercing is a stunning thing to accentuate the face.

Piercing with women looks super cool and feminine but men… It’s a complete turn off.


Remember Ishq Bector or rock legend Lenny Cravitz? Piercing any part of the body is funky and its one of the easiest things that attracts attention. But for women it adds an instant appeal and proffers sensuality and charisma. Girls got their nose pierced after seeing Kareena Kapoor sporting a ‘nath’ or a ring in ‘3 Idiots’. Or be it Sonakshi Sinha the Dabangg girl showing it off. Who can forget the Sania Mirza frenzy of the silver nose ring? Not just our Indian stars but Hannah Montana heartthrob of millions of kids and people all around the world was seen sporting a stud lately.


Gone are the days when there were social obstacles with nose piercing. Even many corporate sectors did not allow nose piercing. Getting a nose piercing is not plain fun. It involves a bit of pain and loads of responsibility. I am not freaking you out but it doesn’t heal properly, it is bound to get infected. Ruddiness, foul odors or itchiness around the nose piercing are all indications of an infection. Rinsing the piercing with sterile soap and water may help.

Veer Zara
Traditionally, the left side of the nose is to be pierced according to Indian tradition, but most of the girls pierce the right one which is absolutely fine. As soon as people see my piercing, the first question that comes up is “does it pain to get it pierced?” And I am sure as many of you are reading through this article; you must be thinking the same. Although you are tempted to get it pierced you bound to step back because of the ‘pain’ factor.

Well, the answer is to this, YES, it does pain, A LOT. You are getting a part of your body pierced, so it’s obvious it will pain, but it’s worth it. And you realize it when you are unable to do certain things at some important occasions. Like that of marriage, I know there are press-on’s available but having the authentic ‘nathni’ tugged in beautifies the look.

The Ala is the side parts of your nose. The nose piercing heals in about 3 months to 1 year the most, if you are lucky enough it may take 1 month or few weeks too. Do not be in a hurry to change the nose pin frequently, just have a simple ring or stud till it heals completely, do not leave the hole bare it tends to fill up easily.


Having a nose pin is the most appropriate way of maintaining the hole and avoids it from filling up. A nose pin is a pin that is inserted into a nose. The only difference between a regular nose accessory and a nose pin is that, a nose pin does not have an earring back on it like the regular nose jewelry.

Nose PIn
A gold nose pin, diamond nose pins, a sterling silver nose pin and the white gold nose pin are easily available. Gold is popular with the nose pins since it prevents an infection. Whereas diamonds are expensive and give a classic look; you can pick gemstone nose pins too.

Piercing is not the toughest part, but taking care of the piercing is tough and very important. And even more tough is changing the first nose pin. The first thing regardless of how long you did the piercing is to ensure that you have clean hands before you begin to change the nose pin. Also sanitize the nose pin as mentioned above before inserting it in your nose and also make sure that there is no infection at the piercing. If you find moving the nose pin around, you should change your mind and hold on till it heals. If it moves without any pain you can proceed. Corkscrews or hook studs are the most tacky nose pins. You need to check the gauge of the corkscrew stud to ensure it fits your nose hole. Same is the case with the hooks; ensure the size of the hook before putting in.

Nose Ring

Moreover cleanliness is very essential. Clean the nose piercing twice a day for few days after piercing to remove any dried blood. You can use warm salted water and a cotton ball or apply Betadine. Avoid hydrogen peroxide. Check for skin allergies. Do not move or touch the nose pin very often. Avoid fiddling and playing with it.  If the piercing has turned swollen and red, use ice.

Now that you are all set to join the “Nose Pin Women Wagon”, go ahead and try it.

Should Nose Piercing be Done on the Left Side or the Right Side?


56 thoughts on “All About Nose Piercing: How To Get It And Aftercare

  1. I love my nose piercing. Intially I was like two minds about it but then when you are a 20 year old, you just want to do al the daring things in the world. 😛 Mine was a nose piercing. My mom strictly asked me NOT to get my nose pierced ever. So I went with friends, got my nose pierced and called up mom to tell her about the damage being done. 😛 I also wanted to get my eyebrow pierced by my mum…ahem ahem!!

    I have the same gold diamond nose ring shown in the pic but I don’t wear it. I like to wear colorful silver studs. 🙂

    Loved the article. 🙂

    1. yeah i loved ur pic when i saw it first in MAY month i rem and i was like cool she is with nose studs….
      i appreciate it rati

      1. oh!!! During my early 20s I used to find it pretty cool to have a nose stud. Now I find it pretty girly kinds. Love it, nevertheless. 🙂

        You know try sticking a small bindi stud on your nose and see how it looks on you. May be the nose piercing suits you and it’s just your perception. 🙂

        1. rati sweetie do u think i didnt tried it in my 20s … i did but was looking horrible i told na my nose is very broad so even parents didnt liked and my firends also i was just crossing my fingers to heal it fast but i rem it took 3 – 4 months…

    2. thanks Rati……..
      even i prefer :evilgrin: colorful studs……. they are safe…never tried a nath though…

  2. m totally no no on that… my nose is one big fat hell and i hate it …
    awww i wish i could exchange it with hubby’s nose
    but i love nose rings on others with good shape nose …
    even my mom-in-law was like dont give ur nose shape to baby ….
    BUT BUT BUT i love to have body pearcing some day that too i cant think of now coz m too plump 🙁 🙁 🙁
    so no plans as off
    but ur article was toooo good zeeba
    thanks dear

    1. Thanks for appreiating my work Rashmi..I am sure it shall suit you…like I am telling everyone ..try a small nose pin initially..after you are used to it …go for a visible one.

      1. nay ..only Tamilians pierce nose on right hand side in india …all others have on left.

        but nose piercing has become more of a fashion trend so either left or right is fine…

        I had on my left before for 2-3 years … and then i stopped using a nose ring-

        I just got my nose pierced on right for a change and it looks cool….

        In fact its a personal choice left or right…..its makes us look pretty either ways…

  3. yeah .. i ve heard that south indian women pierce their right side while north indian women tend to pierce the left.. but i ve seen vice versa happen too!

    I wanted to have my nose pierced too but it doesnt suit me 🙁

    1. Hey ..don’t think that….try a small stud…..don’t go for larger visible nose pins…there are so many available…so try n let me know,

  4. I dont think nose piercing suits me…though I did get an extra piercing on my left ear…upper part..just on the left but it didnt heal properly and I was advised to let the piercing heal and get another one done if I wanted..I let tht heal but hvnt thght of getting another one

      1. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and had gathered soooo much guts to get that done and got soooo many compliments for those few days I had it 😥

    1. I guess it suits all..just the nose pin u choose matters…u cn have a small stud……which is barely there… it has its own beauty … try it..

      1. you knw it was so painful the last time, I couldnt even sleep properly…so now I am hesitant to try again…but u never knw I might just end up getting my ear pierced again

        1. try this out, ask ur attendent to put the goldring as soon as she pierces ur ear, this way the chances to infection gets minimized. also every night before going to bed warm atea spoon of boroline & apply it with a ear bud to the effected area. i’ll heal fasted. beleive me i applied the same trick & it worked… :-))

          n at last “best of luck” :yes:

  5. Nice article Zeeba.

    I don’t know why I’ve never given nose piercing a thought before, though I have 3 and 2 piercings in my ears 🙂

    1. Thanks Sunayana….glad you liked the article…..try the piercing…it does it’s worth it…accentuates your face.. 🙂

  6. Nice post!!Agree 100% with Zeeba that it does change your looks- still feeling excited when i think of the n number of compliments i got when i did it 1 yr back-true it takes time to heal, 3 mnths for me but worth it.And u have to be extra careful on the hygeine part…but i beleive all depends on how u get it pierced-be sure to get it done by an expert who uses clean equipment -have had a bad experience when i pierced my ear for second stud which dint heal at all so was extra careful with my nose.And ya in south women pierce right side normally, but nowadays the trend keeps on changing, right and then left and aftr few months again right so on…

    1. THANKS for appreciating my work… 🙂
      even i had a pathetic experience with my piercing but then it’s fine now….i totally luv it..

      1. hi i have recently pierced my ears for the 2nd time. it was really a pain spe post piercing 😥 …also it took more then a month to heal.. so i’ll nt go for another one… 🙁
        n very correctly mention abt changing the pins… freshers shud hv a note on it… 😀

  7. i got my nose pierced a month ago 2nd time bcoz i took off my nose ring & the privious piercing filled up.i really like 2 wear nose ring. i was really scared & nervous though it din’t pain 1st time.but whe he pierced. i just felt that a needle is poked 4 a sec.but who notever planning 2 get their nose pierced sud keep themselves away frmsour things otherwise the wound won’t heal.i cannot stop myself frm eating all sour stuff & pani poori. the result is my piercing has not healed had got puss in it & was paining but now much plz don’t ever eat sour things till the wound does not heal.this is what my experience is.nice info zeeba.thx 4 the post.

  8. i got my nose pierced when i was nineteen and loved it! however it was too much of a hassle for me, i couldn’t wash my face properly so i removed it at home on my own. the piercing sealed very soon and did not give me any trouble. shauk poora ho gya! i loved sporting different coloured stones. and no offence to anyone who has a nose ring, but i must say it rarely looks good!

  9. Xclnt write up. But I believe behind every piercing there is a story . Sometimes a girl likes it and goes for it — sometimes she goes for it as a ritual … sometimes she keeps the request of her family / beloved and accepts the pain with a smiling face.
    Multiple ear piercing & nosepins do not looks good on all , yes I admit but dont believe , it depends on how you are carrying it ………..

    Believe me there are 100s of stories behind each piercing ………… who wants to share ??

  10. Actually I have no story as such. I went with my friend who had to get her nise pierced for her marriage. I just took the decision of getting my nose pierced there and then. Back then that was one of the most daring this I did. 🙂

  11. I am piercing blind. I never notice if a girl’s ears or nose are pierced. The other day Rati was griping that the pink color on her nose pin was gone and I shrugged. I never noticed that pink anyway. :pirate:

  12. Great article zeebs… :yes: fun & informative!
    I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a nose piercing since I was 15…still haven’t gotten one!
    I’m personally not a fan of the nose-ring, but I love me a cute stud in a pretty color. You’ve got me in a dilemma again with this article of yours!

    1. well firstly glad u liked the article….. and secondly…….come on try it…..its worth a me.. 🙂

  13. Sanjeev…maybe if you bought Rati a diamond nosestud…you and she would never have to worry about the “pink fading away”….I deserve a prize from Rati for giving such a brilliant idea…. 😀

  14. BTW, i have been nurturing this desire of having my nose pierced for a long time now…but my mom said since no more renovation work on me……. 🙁 …Rati’s nose ring looks so cool…I wanna do it, but I have to get signs and approvals from so many people…… 😕

  15. Jomol , do you want a public vote for this.
    Then start counting with my ‘yes’ to it
    It will make you different :-))

  16. Hello,
    I got my nose pierced and now I want to take it out, but now there is a highly noticeable hole in my nose. Will it be healed soon or would the scar will remain on my nose always 🙁

  17. i got mine done last September, after contemplating it for two yrs… i had always feared the pain, but surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all… maybe coz i got a gunshot… which is very safe if u do it at a hygienic place! i absolutely love it…. i wore a tiny imitation stud for a while, and have now shifted to a bigger gold one… but my ultimate dream is a silver nath!!!

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