Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

Hello Everybody!!

Today, I will review a ceramic hair straightener from Nova.  I bought it an year back during my brother’s wedding as I did not want to spend a lot of time at parlors and thought of styling my hair on my own and this came very handy. However, I do not like using such heating equipments a lot, as my hair is very weak and they fall out a lot 🙁 So, let us see if it was a good decision to buy this one.


Product Description:

Nova ceramic hair straightener hair iron nova japan – ceramic hair safety hair straightener, with warranty attractive original ceramic plates hair straightener from nova (great for parties, receptions, special occasions), 100% solid ceramic plates. superb level of straightening, never sticks to the hair.

Product Features:

  • Improves thermal efficiency.
  • Smoother hair cuticle.
  • Consistent heat delivery.
  • Prevents static.
  • Shiny hair.
  • Ergonomically designed.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener 2

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INR 350 – 400

My Experience with Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener:

Nova Ceramic hair straightener has extra-wide straightening plates made of ceramic with an on and off switch.  It is black in color with ceramic plates of white color. It is light in weight with comfortable grip. The best feature is its temperature control knob, which enables you to choose the appropriate heat level as per hair type without causing havoc on hair.  It is as big as any other hair straightener, not too compact or too big, some may not find it travel friendly.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener 3

Its superior heating system provides the perfect hair styling for all hair types and creates super sleek, frizz-free styles. It provides even heat distribution and has the ability to reduce fly aways and eliminates damaged hot spots, but it provides easy smooth straightening motion that doesn’t pull your hair and does not increase hair fall.  It makes hair soft and shiny while eliminating frizz.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener 4

I have normal and wavy hair. It does not straighten hair quickly and I have to use it at least 2-3 times on a section of hair to straighten it, but those with curly hair, may not find it very efficient.

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener 5

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener 6

Pros of Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener:

  • Ceramic heating plate.
  • Provides protection for colored hair.
  • 360 degree swivel power cord.
  • Has 50/60 Hz frequency.
  • Has temperature control.
  • Straightens hair well and smoothes them.
  • Provides a nice finish to hair.
  • Does not cause any static or fly away.
  • Very cheap.

Cons of Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener:

  • Not travel friendly.
  • Not suitable for girls with curly hair.

IMBB Rating:


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9 thoughts on “Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

  1. I had the previous model – it was so heavy man with metal plates. and it was rather wide, couldnt curl with it – you can curl with this one. 😀

  2. I have this one and bought it 5 years back for 900rs/- it is still working fine *haan ji*
    but now that I have one more Straightener from Panasonic I use this very rarely *shy*

    And I completely agree with the rating you gave this straightener *hifive* *hifive*

  3. i have this one and i was using this from past 3 months but at present the heat of dis iron damaged my hair with split ends so i not using dis….i suggest you all not to use dis!

    1. karuna….I agree with you…but somehow I feel heating causes such bad thngs to hair anyways… and generally I avoid using a lot of heating equipments for the same reason… *headbang* *headbang*

  4. Its price is so less as compared to the other straighteners.. Nice review radhika.. But i would like to buy the one from Remington..

  5. I bought this before 1 month. It is making my hairs smoother and shinier but straightening effect is not lasting for longer time, after half an hour my hairs become weavy as they are. Finally not satisfied with this….

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