Now Solutions Essential Oils – Tea Tree Oil Review and Its Uses

I am all about DIY moisturizers, face oil, face mask, body oil and so on and for this purpose I use a bunch of essential oil – Tea tree, Lavender, Lemon, Carrot seed, Nutmeg and so on. I ran out of my home made moisturizer and Tea Tree oil at the same time so I ordered one online, because it had good reviews and more quantity than most essential oils. Keep reading to know more about it.

Now Tea Tree Oil  (2)

Product Description:
• 100% pure; antiseptic and germicidal
• Used mainly for cleansing, purifying and renewing
• Initially, found in first-aid kits of soldiers, as a treatment for skin injuries

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$7.41 for one ounce

My take on Now Solutions Essential Oils – Tea Tree Oil :

Anyone who is a skin care enthusiast would know about the benefits of essential oils especially tea tree oil. Almost all major brands have these tiny bottles of it or products that contain it but it is better to buy a bottle of 100% pure oil and then add it to products of their choice and enjoy its benefits. Not only does it adds fragrance but is also awesome for skin care.

Packaging: Usual glass bottle with a screw up cap and a tiny hole to dispense drops of product although I personally prefer dropper but it is okay since it is not that big a flaw.

Fragrance – Typical tea tree oil fragrance which smells more like eucalyptus oil.

Color: Transparent oil with water like density

Usagehere is the most important section:

• Face massage oil – add it to your favorite massage cream or oil and enjoy a nice aromatherapy style message but I personally recommend a face oil such as Jojoba oil and avoid using it with oils like olive or coconut since they are highly comdogenic
• Face pack- add it to regular Fuller’s earth or oat meal and one can eliminate the need or purchasing those expensive face masks which are so less in quantity that one runs out of them before one can notice their efficacy.
• Body oil – every day after shower I apply body oil which I fashioned out of my kitchen ingredients – olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil and castor oil and it works wonders at removing scars, stretch marks and ingrown hair. This oil can be used for shaving purposes as well.
• General fragrances – Add 1 drop each of tea tree oil and grapefruit oil, along with 10 drops of lemon oil to a diffuser and enjoy.
Conclusion: It is a good deal for $7.41 since one gets a good quantity in like The Body Shop Tea Tree oil which is a tiny bottle and is extremely expensive. Also, it is easily available online and all major health stores carry it. Make sure not to use it individually or on its own on skin because it stings real bad and might give red bumps.

Now Solutions Essential Oils - Tea Tree Oil

Now Tea Tree Oil  (1)

Pros of Now Solutions Essential Oils – Tea Tree Oil :

• Good quantity for money paid
• Has amazing health benefits
• Perfect for acne prone skin
• Improves efficacy of all sorts of skin products
• Good for DIYs
• Easily available online and in stores
• Can be used in various ways like I listed above

Cons of Now Solutions Essential Oils – Tea Tree Oil:

• It should have a dropper since it makes the whole process easier
• Might leak a little if not stored properly

Would I repurchase Now Solutions Essential Oils – Tea Tree Oil?
Oh yes, I love it and it is good quantity for the money paid. I believe everyone should have essential oils and this one is the most important one.

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