NYC Automatic Eyeliner Pencil in Brazen Blue Review

NYC Automatic Eyeliner Pencil in Brazen Blue Review

Hello Ladies,

This will be a review of NYC Automatic Eyeliner Pencil in the shade Brazen Blue.


Product Description:

Ever picked the wrong guy? Mistakes are easy to make sometimes – but you can count on this pencil to be mistake free! NYC New York Color Automatic Eyeliner’s soft and gentle long-wearing formula glides on easily, lining your eyes finely and precisely. Or alternatively go dramatic by smudging the line. Either way, you can’t go wrong.



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Ultra precise control in a pencil eyeliner.  Soft and gentle long-wearing formula glides on for flawless application. Formula is easy to apply on the lids.  Retractable tip – no sharpening needed.  Dermatologist tested.

Braze blue eyeliner

My Experience with NYC Automatic Eyeliner Pencil in Brazen Blue:

Buying this eyeliner was a Big Mistake!! This is a horrible product.  Don’t get me wrong, the color “Brazen Blue” is an absolutely gorgeous turquoise blue color which is what made me buy this product, but the overall quality of this product is pathetic.  My experience with this product had gone wrong terribly from the start. The day I bought this, I was so excited to give it a try, I rolled some product out and started applying and the tip broke off!! The eyeliner itself is so dry and hard and it takes a lot of tugging and swiping again and again and you have to press it hard to even get a decent color payoff. That is completely unacceptable to do since the area around the eye is delicate and should not go undergo so much torture.

Blue eye pencil

This color would have been so pretty on the waterline but the problem is that it does not work on the water line. No matter how much you swipe the color, it just won’t appear.  The packaging is horrible. On some days, no matter how much you rotate the liner to get the tip out, it stays inside. It is really annoying.  One good quality about this product I have to admit is that it is highly waterproof. Once applied, it won’t smudge or bleed.

Bright blue automatic eye pencil

I will not recommend this product. If you are a bargain hunter, there are better brands like ELF or Wet n Wild which give much better quality products around the same price.

Eyeliner blue

Pros of NYC Automatic Eyeliner Pencil in Brazen Blue:

  • Beautiful color.
  • Highly waterproof.

Cons of NYC Automatic Eyeliner Pencil in Brazen Blue:

  • Bad packaging.
  • Does not show up on waterline.
  • Requires a lot of rubbing for the color to appear.
  • Flimsy.
  • Overall, a very bad product.

IMBB Rating:

0.5/5 (just for the color).

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