NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara – Carbon Review

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Mascara is a tricky makeup product.  We never would know how a particular mascara would work going by its looks. Many mascaras clump, and look fake and cheap. Hence I am always struggling with this part of the makeup and you will see a lot of mascara reviews from me because I am hunting for the perfect one. Read to know whether this was the perfect one or not.

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

Rs. 600 for 8 ml.

Product Description:
New York Color City Curls Curling Mascara takes your lashes from natural to naughty in one clean sweep. You’ll see – they’re instantly 60% fuller and curlier. Now, go and bat those gorgeous lashes in his direction.

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

My Experience with NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara – Carbon:

I have been really crazy after mascaras these days because I love getting dolly lashes and fluttering them all the time. NYC is a very rare brand here and when I spotted this, I immediately picked it up. The mascara comes in a hot metallic pink packaging which looks extremely cute and girly. It has silver fonts over it, which adds glam to the packaging. It looks sleek and is very handy to carry during travels.

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

I got the mascara in the shade “Carbon,” which is actually black, but not jet black. It is more of a dull black. The wand is a long one with a curvy shape which is especially designed to provide the curling effect to the lashes. I do not wiggle and apply because this wand isn’t suitable for that technique since it clumps. I just comb it inside-out!

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

Two coats are good to give a very natural look to my eyes. And the best part is that it doesn’t clump at all. Even if you build the volume with 4-5 coats, it won’t clump as the consistency is pretty smooth. It does not give a dramatic volume, but does make the lashes more catchy and attractive. It does give a little lengthening, but I genuinely don’t need a lot of length as my lashes are already long. It did curl my lashes very nicely and gave the dolly look, but the curl did not stay long, it barely stayed for 2 hours and then my lashes looked normal.

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

I usually curl my lashes with an eye lash curler and then use the mascara.  It stays throughout the day till I wash it off. But it isn’t waterproof because the moment water comes in contact with it, I have black tears. One thing that I have noticed is that a little mascara got applied to my upper lash line and it irritated my eyes. Also, I do not need a makeup remover; it comes off completely with just water. And after removal, my eyes were a little itchy. I liked the way it worked, gave a very natural and playful look, but I really wouldn’t suggest this one because it irritates my eyes and I cannot take a risk!

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara

Pros of NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara – Carbon:

  • Fancy packaging.
  • Very handy because of the sleek packaging.
  • The consistency is smooth and hence gives my lashes a natural look.
  • It does not clump at all.
  • 3-4 coats will give good length and minimal volume.
  • The mascara stays on for the entire day till I wash it off.
  • Does curl up my lashes.

Cons of NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara – Carbon:

  • The curling effect did not stay for more than 2 hours.
  • It isn’t waterproof.
  • My eyes itch a lot when the mascara goes into my eyes.
  • Availability.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend NYC City Curls Curling Brush Mascara – Carbon?
No, I wouldn’t. The mascara worked well and the most important thing why I loved it was that it looks very natural and does not clump, but the moment it irritated my eyes, I knew this is not the one for me!

IMBB Rating:

I think my hunt for the best mascara is still on!

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