NYC City Mono Eyeshadow – Front Row

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow – Front Row

Today I am going to review an affordable Eyeshadow collection from NYC. It’s from their City Mono Eyeshadow range. When I saw these pretty little eyeshadows in cute small boxes I couldn’t stop myself from getting one and tada got me my favorite pink shade Eyeshadow.

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow Front+ Row


$2.99 for 2.2g


918- Front Row

Available Shades:

They have 11 shades in this range. 906-Luxury Reborn, 907-Bazaar, 910-In Vogue, 914-Guess Who?, 915-Broadway Look, 917-I Love NY, 918-Front Row, 920-A-Lister, 921-Pink Whisper, 922-Brooklyn Brownstone,924-Tribeca Teal

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• Infused with antioxidants: Green Tea and Vitamins A and E
• Fragrance-free

Product Description:

NYC New York Color City Mono Eye Shadows make you the center of attention. Inspired by The Big Apple, these shadows are anything but shy – except in price. These silky, long-lasting, ultra-vibrant shades stay flawless for hours and hours, allowing you to flirt all night long. Finally the wow-factor your eyes have been waiting for.

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• Ultra silky texture, comfortable all day long
• Extreme color pay-off
• Long lasting, stays vibrant all day
• Color glides on smoothly, evenly
• Dermatologist tested

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My experience with NYC City Mono Eyeshadow- Front Row:

They have given the Eyeshadow in a cute box with a small applicator. The box is a see through so that you can choose the color you like to buy. It’s normal for the price and I would say decent for what you pay. The powder doesn’t have any shimmer and has a perfect matte finish. It blends quickly and effectively and very easy to apply. The texture is smooth and that’s the reason for easy application. The brush that comes with this eye shadow is really fragile. Just tried it once, it broke…may be it’s just for some fun…I used my brush to apply the shadow and came out well after two to three coats. The pink color is really light that it doesn’t go overboard and looks even and nice.

It has an amazing pigmentation and the shade I got is Front row that is a pale pink which gives a subtle yet dreamy eyes.… Stays for 3-4 hours on my eyelids and for me that’s fine. It’s not the party stuff actually but this color will be great for everyday use. They also have other good shades that will rock your day.

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Pros of NYC City Mono Eyeshadow- Front Row:

• Smooth and soft in texture.
• Good pigmentation.
• Subtle Pink shade.
• Decent staying power.
• Easy to blend and apply.
• Doesn’t have any shimmer in it.
• Everyday wearing color.
• Nice Eyeshadow box.

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow - Front Row  swatch

Cons of NYC City Mono Eyeshadow- Front Row:

• No mention of ingredients.
• The applicator brush breaks easily.

IMBB Rating:


For matte finish lovers this one is a great buy. It has everything that would make our eyes more beautiful and those who love to experiment, this will surely be great to get started with. Affordable and recommended for all.


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3 thoughts on “NYC City Mono Eyeshadow – Front Row

  1. Hi Divya,

    Thanks for reviewing this eye shadow by NYC. I usually like NYC because their products tend to be the cheapest on the market but sometimes their products are really low quality. Glad to know this one is not. It’s a lovely color! 🙂

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