NYC Smooth Skin BB Crème 5 in 1 Skin Perfector 02 Medium Review

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Finally all of the weddings have got over in my family and friend circles and now is just the time to lie home in pyjamas. So during the wedding bashes, I kept on hoarding heavy coverage foundations and I totally forgot to pick some BB or CC creams that I could use daily. So to start with I picked up a BB crème from NYC. Read to know whether it worked for my combination and acne-prone skin or not!

NYC Smooth Skin BB Crème-02 Medium Review

Price: $3.62 for 30 ml

Product Description by NYC:
The NYC New York Color BB Beauty Balm 02 Medium gives you five benefits in just one step. It helps protect skin, minimize pores, erase imperfections, minimize fine lines, and smooth and brighten skin. Use this beauty balm cream for luminous and natural-looking makeup.


My Experience with NYC Smooth Skin BB Crème 5 in 1 Skin Perfector 02 Medium:

I saw 2 variants of this bb cream; one of this which promised to give a dewy finish while the other one was matte. I planned to pick this up since I had a lot of matte make-up bases while I had never experimented with dewy make-up.


Packaging: The BB crème comes in a nice little inverted tube in skin and black colour. The tube is small and handy hence it will fit in the travel-friendly category. It has all the instructions written over it perfectly. The cap is a turn around one and it has a small hole which lets out the BB cream. The only flaw with the packaging is the inverted structure. The moment I squeeze a little, a lot of product comes out which is not even needed.


Consistency and feel on the skin: The consistency is very runny and I wasn’t expecting it to be like this. Most of the BB creams have a thick consistency which is why they give good coverage. But this is thin and runny. It blends like a dream on my skin and takes just a minute to settle down. It feels very light on my skin and does not feel greasy at all. My skin definitely looks a lot smoother than usual. It adds a very good boost of hydration to my combination skin and I do not feel the need to use a moisturizer. But it might not work the same way for dry skin as it clings a little onto dry patches.


Results: The bb cream gives very sheer coverage. Precisely, the sheer coverage is visible only for 2 minutes so I would say that it gives no coverage. No coverage means it does not do anything for my imperfections. It gives a very subtle glow to my face like the dewy finish because of the shimmer presence. And the shimmers also don’t look that appealing after a few hours. But the glow isn’t very much noticeable like the other BB creams. It does not minimise the pores or fine lines. In short it does not do anything for my skin.

Staying power: The staying power is very low. In the first place, it is not that visible. But I could see that my face started to oxidise a bit after 3 hours.


Overall, a very bad one, a total regret!

Pros of NYC Smooth Skin BB Crème 5 in 1 Skin Perfector 02 Medium:

• Small tube which looks cute and is travel-friendly.
• Very light on the skin.
• Blends very easily due to its thin consistency.
• Gives a subtle glow due to shimmer presence.
• Moisturizing on my skin.

blended swatch

Cons of NYC Smooth Skin BB Crème 5 in 1 Skin Perfector 02 Medium:

• Expensive in India.
• It did not give glow like other BB creams.
• Sheer to no coverage at all.
• It looked like I hadn’t applied anything.
• Does not minimise my pores or fine lines.
• Did not cover imperfections.
• Did not make my skin tone look brighter.
• I don’t how know how it will protect my skin since there is no SPF.
• NYC tests on animals.
• The shimmers might look cheap to some after a few hours.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend NYC Smooth Skin BB Crème 5 in 1 Skin Perfector 02 Medium?

Nope never! I really don’t know why they even made this because it certainly doesn’t work. Rather you can pick some other BB cream because there are tonnes of amazing BB creams available in the market that can instantly transform your skin.

This is a total waste of money, so stay away from this.

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  1. Hi saloni, inverted tubes having runny product inside are just so irritating to manage. Once out, you can’t put it back in! This product failed badly, thanks for sharing.

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