NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear -Plum Rum

NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear -Plum Rum


Re-apply? Who has the time?! NYC New York Color Ultra Last LipWear is wearable, ultra lasting and stays on up to 6 hours. Perfect for your morning meetings and all-night parties. The rich, silky formula is so creamy and comfortable. It’s super-affordable too. Great for girls on the go.

NYC ultra last lipwear plum rum



I found this lipstick today in my Mum’s shelf, I think a cousin of mine got it for me from New York and then, I did not like the color and hence passed it on to my mum who would wear such shades. Now after a long time I realize she has almost finished the lipstick (so unlike me! ) . Suddenly, I am liking this shade and hence the review 😛

NYC ultra last lip wear plum rum

Considering the cost, this is on my list for whenever I visit the States. This shade is very much on their site still so I reckon this must be a popular one. The claims of 6 hours wear are somewhat true and I like how they don’t claim aimlessly at 8 plus hours or say “9 to 5” 😛 and so on. 6 hours is a decent claim to make and it does last 4 hours without meals.

NYC ultra last lip wear plum rum (2)

I would say it is also silky and rich but you cannot call it pigmented you know.The lipstick is more like a tinted lip balm in one swipe and in two, it look like you have layered a sheer lipstick on. I think the very reason I did not like it initially was that it is sheer! I would call this a sheer lippy with loads of sheen and gloss, more like an oily glossy sheen.

NYC ultra last lip wear plum rum 7

The color might cover pigmented lips but I don’t recommend the sheer quality of the lippy to pigmented lips. This is more like a light day wear lipstick due to the texture and if you like sheer lippies for office, or lippies that don’t look thick or cakey then this is for you. Also, thought glossy the lipstick does not flatter my lip shape so I recommend this to thicker lips and not thin lips.

NYC ultra last lip wear plum rum (3)

This is a very brown-ish rusty rum shade,not really a plum. But I quite like the name and the simple transparent packaging as well.Remember because it is sheer, I find the color has to be layered since it might not come out even. At least for me!

NYC ultra last lip wear plum rum swatch

Last word:

Over all , if you like sheer lippies without much coverage and decent staying power and easy on the pocket, then you can try this one, I like it for the shade, the finish it might provide on top of matte lippies and the silky feel to it.

NYC ultra last lip wear plum rum swatch

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  1. u know neha, u can give an inferiority complex to those red carpet celebs ANY DAY with that perfect pout!!!! 😀 every lippie looks perfect on u!

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