Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo Review

I love trying new shampoos for my hair and always search for hair products with interesting ingredient list. During my regular shopping I spotted this product, it instantly caught my attention as it claimed to contains all the goodness Amla, Reetha, Lavender and Blackberry extracts. Since last month I am using this shampoo and it is the right time to review it.

Why should you choose Nyle?

Every drop of Nyle Shampoo contains a unique Nutrition boost complex filled with the goodness of Reetha, Amla, Blackberry and Lavender. Nyle long and bouncy nourishes your scalp and hair helping to promote thick and healthy hair growth.



Reetha: Reetha is a natural conditioner that makes your hair healthy
Amla: Amla nourishes your hair from root to tip making it healthy
Blackberry: Blackberry, rich in Vitamin E nourishes your hair making it shiny.
Lavender helps in maintaining a healthy scalp

How to Use: Apply directly on wet hair. Rinse thoroughly with water.


The product is housed in black opaque plastic bottle with a black screw-off cap with flip top. The packaging is sleek, sturdy and travel friendly.


Price and Quantity:

90 ml.for Rs.49/-

Shelf life:

24 months from mfd.date.

Texture and smell:

This shampoo is black in colour and has a lotion like consistency. It smells nice and the fragrance lingers on in the hair for quite some time post a hair wash.


My take on Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo

This shampoo is easy to work with it, lathers well and spreads easily on the hair. It cleanses my hair well and also adds a shine to them. However post wash my hair feels a bit flat after using this shampoo. The good thing is that it did’nt dry out me hair or strip the natural moisture from it. Even if I didn’t oil my hair a night before my hair never appear dry, tangled or difficult to manage after using this shampoo. As already mentioned my hair appear soft shiny and manageable after using this shampoo and also my hair have a nice sweet fragrance which remains in my hair for at least a day or two. Overall it is a nice shampoo and I am happy with the results it delivered.


What I like about Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo

Smells nice.
Spreads easily on hairs and lathers well.
Travel friendly packaging, the nozzle dispenses just the right amount of shampoo.
Economical and easily available
Cleanses hairs well, removes oil and dirt from hair effectively.
Keep hair shiny and manageable.
Post hair-wash I feel my hair soft and less tangled.
Didn’t make my hair dry or rough.

What I don’t like about Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo

1. No bouncy effect on hair, on the contrary my hair feel a bit flat.
2. Contains loads of chemicals.
3. May not suit people with dry scalp.


IMBB Rating:


Shall I recommend Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo?

Yes I do, it is a nice shampoo and Iam really liking it. Try it if you have oily hair, you’ll not be disappointed.

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7 thoughts on “Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo Review

  1. I have used this shampoo for like really long time and it never disappointed me. Not sure, as it claims it gives you a long and bouncy hair and all that extra jazz but I can surely tell you that it wont harm your hair (like any other shampoo) and gives you a good hair day (+ 1 or 2) 🙂

    I have long hair which is really thin in texture which forces me to use curling irons to give that false volume. In spite of using the hot tools once a week this particular shampoo kept my hair hydrated enough and not make it too soft nor really rough & dry.

    I feel sad that I do not find this product anymore. I really wish they bring back the exact formula back to market.

    Hope this helps girls 🙂

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