NYX 925 24 Karat Eye/ Eyebrow Pencil Review

NYX 925 24 Karat Eye/ Eyebrow Pencil

Halo everyone..No face is complete without highlighting those beautiful eyes (or at least making them look beautiful :D). I personally don’t like applying kaajal much or rather the colour black there. Brown or other shades suit me better. I earlier used a local brown eye pencil but then discarded it thinking it could be harmful using it on the lower lids. So after hunting for a lot of copper browns..I picked this up. Though its not the best shade, it aint bad either.
nyx eye eyebrow pencil
This is the NYX number 925 24 karat. It’s an eye and eyebrow pencil ( Though one really wouldn’t highlight the eyebrow with this shade less you going the Arabian way ).

It has a slight shimmer. So wonderful for parties but it isn’t too loud for daily wear too. The shade is more of Goldenish copper. Texture is smooth. As usual NYX eye pencils don’t disappoint you. Though I didn’t like their glide up pencil as you can hardly get any colour out of those inspite of many swipes.
eye swatch
This one was priced I think at around Rs.130 for 1G and is made in which is not too expensive for a good brand. Made in Germany.

Pros of NYX 925 24 Karat Eye/ Eyebrow Pencil
Smooth. Glides easily
Nice unique colour.
Affordably priced.
Good staying power yet comes off easily .

Cons of NYX 925 24 Karat Eye/ Eyebrow Pencil
Wish the colour was a little more saturated.

Recommend buying?
Yes. Its a unique bright colour, yet not very loud.

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