NYX Almond Res11 Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

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This winter I have been experimenting with a ton of different makeup techniques that I wouldn’t even dare doing in summers because well, we all know how the wear time of most makeup products is fairly less as compared to that in winters. I often face this problem that my makeup doesn’t stay that long in summers as it does in winters. So this season, I have been really doing a lot of eye makeup and contouring etc…. And talking about eye makeup, how can we not talk about eye shadows? Eye shadows are something I rarely wear in summers due to my super oily eyelids, but since it’s still winter season, I’m making the most of eye shadows while I still can! So, today I’m reviewing one such product that I have been using like crazy this season. It’s NYX roll on eye shimmer in the shade Almond. Read on to find more about it.

Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond

Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond

Product Description:

Brighten up with Roll on Shimmer! Add lustre to your look with our brilliant shades that roll easily onto eyes, face and body. You control the intensity of the pigment! Easily blend the shimmer powder using a brush or fingers, then pop it into your purse for on-the-go sparkle.


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Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond


INR 400

Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond

My Experience with NYX Almond Res11 Roll On Eye Shimmer:

Eye shimmers, like the name suggests, are eye pigments/eye shadows that are exclusively shimmery and glittery. Whenever I want to up the glam factor of my makeup, the one product that I tend to reach for the most these days is eye shimmers/pigments. I have been experimenting with a ton of such eye pigments lately.

Packaging: The NYX eye shimmer comes in a decent packaging. It comes in a transparent plastic tube and the shade of the eye pigment is clearly visible from the packaging itself. It comes with a black cap. The applicator is a roll-on and it is very easy to just swipe it on the eye lid directly and then blend it in with a makeup brush. It is travel friendly too.

Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond

Shade and color payoff: NYX eye roll on in Almond, like the name suggests, is a true almond color eye shimmer. It is a gorgeous neutral brown shimmer pigment that will suit all skin tones. It is a very wearable shade despite being shimmery in nature. I have worn this very eye pigment in numerous different ways. Another great thing about this eye shimmer is that it goes with almost every color of lipstick you decide to wear. It is a very versatile shade and can be glammed up or down depending upon the occasion. I absolutely love this shade. The color payoff is brilliant. Just two swipes are required and it delivers a gorgeous shimmery brown color on the eye lids.

Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond

Texture and longevity: despite being in a loose powder form, this eye shimmer pigment is fairly smooth and glides onto the eyes effortlessly. It doesn’t feel chalky or gritty at all. The application is not streaky if blended well with a brush. This eye shimmer when worn on it’s own lasts for good 4 hours on me, but I have now started using a primer underneath it to extend the wear time and it now lasts for 7-7.5 hours on me (that’s the longest time I’ve worn it for).

Nyx roll eye shimmer Almond

Pros of NYX Almond Res11 Roll On Eye Shimmer:

  • Hands down one of the best eye shadow roll-ons available in the market.
  • Very affordable for the quantity and quality it offers.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Color payoff is brilliant.
  • Smooth in texture. Doesn’t feel chalky at all.
  • Lasts for a long time on my oily eye lids when worn with a primer underneath.

Cons of NYX Almond Res11 Roll On Eye Shimmer:

  • It is only available in Sephora stores across Delhi. I have tried finding it at some stores that sell imported makeup products, but none of them stock this. It can be purchased online.
  • People who don’t like shimmer eye shadow can skip it.
  • There is some glitter fallout at times.

Will I repurchase/recommend NYX Almond Res11 Roll On Eye Shimmer?

Yes and yes.

IMBB Rating:


Conclusion: it is a great eye roll on for beginners.

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