NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K – You Can Use it only as an Eyeliner!

NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K – You Can Use it only as an Eyeliner!

Hello all,

A couple of weeks ago, an online portal had declared 50% off on many brands.  Though the products were limited and most of them being shades that we wouldn’t generally pick up, I was lured by the discount tag and ordered stuff thinking they’d lie in my vanity, just-in-case. 😛  Most of the stuff on sale, as they mentioned, had a shelf life of just more than 5 months. All the products that I have picked have a near-5-month-life to expiration, which means, I must finish them all off in a very marginal time. So, they had the last laugh anyway 😛  One of the products that I picked was the NYX Auto Lip Pencil in Y2K.

NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K


NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K

Product Description:

NYX Auto Pencil Lip is just as good as NYX’s famous lip pencils but with a self-sharpener. NYX Auto Lip Pencil is creamy, easy to blend and has great staying power. Infused with coconut and seed oil, NYX Auto Lip Pencil will leave your lips feeling moisturized all day long.

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Rs. 275 to 300 in India.

My Take on NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K:

I like the packaging of the pencil very much. It’s not skinny like most lip pencils. It is a retractable pencil so that saves a lot on product wastage, and most importantly on time.  Y2K is basically a deep chocolate brown shade. I do not see why and how that can be used for the lips. When used alone on the lips, it makes the lips look like you have been smoking.  It is not the kind of brown you’d want on your lips, trust me! So, I started using it as an eye pencil since it is a good deep brown.

NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K

The texture of the pencil is anything but creamy and it tugs like crazy. Sometimes I hurt my eyelids while drawing with this; takes some effort to apply, but stays on for long. I can easily go for 10 hours with this on my eyes and it does not smudge at all. The pigmentation is good enough, but you’ll have to work a little for it to show because of the pencil being a little dry.  Since the pencil is a little dry, I don’t think it is a good idea to use it on the waterline or for tight-lining.

NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K

Pros of NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K:

  • Travel friendly, nice packaging.
  • Deep brown color.
  • Stays for long.
  • Does not smudge.

NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K

Cons of NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K:

  • Tugs and hurts during application.
  • Not a shade for the lips.
  • Too dry.
  • Can’t be used on the waterline.

I think you can totally skip this one for the very fact that I am using it on the eyes when it is actually a lip pencil. That means that it has failed at the very reason it has been made for.  One word – “neglect.”

IMBB Rating:


Take care everyone!

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11 thoughts on “NYX Auto Lip Pencil Y2K – You Can Use it only as an Eyeliner!

    1. It will show if your eyebrow hair is too black, you’re good otherwise! Since this is not creamy, I think that would be a good idea for people with light hair! 😀

  1. Such a shame it didn’t work out for you. I think I would probably still give it a go with a strong cocoa-shaded lippie (like NARS in Tanganyka or even NYX Matte in Maison). But I appreciate not everyone likes a dark lip.

    I had to laugh at the name of the shade though – Y2K!
    How appropriate! I remember lots of girls at that time (1998-2001) wore black pencil on their lips. It was supposedly cool 😉

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