NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love Review

NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

Hope you had a great weekend.  Today, I will be reviewing a product that is similar to my previous review, it’s another shade of NYX Brush On Gloss and this shade is called Power of Love.


Product Quantity:

7.5 ml.


INR 300 (but I got it for 50% off).


NYX Brush On glosses come in a little square tube with a huge, almost double sized black cap. The brush applicator is attached to the cap itself.


Mentioned on the tube.


Product Description:

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss is formulated with lanolin oil to moisturize and protect lips while offering a rainbow of beautiful color for your lips.  Famous for its unique and stylish packaging, the gloss comes with a long black handle and a brush applicator for smooth and soft application.  Featured multi color to choose from including clear and shimmering color.  Soft felt tip for easy application to give a flawless even gloss on lips.

My Take on NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love:

Color:  Power of Love, as we can assume by the name is a shade of pink, at least it seems to be pink in the bottle, but on lips, it comes out to be completely sheer. The only thing that becomes visible on the lips is the shine and loads of chunky glitter particles.


Glitter:  The gloss is filled with numerous multicolored glitter particles which are easily visible on the lips. You cannot only see them, but can also feel them; they are so chunky that you can feel them on the lips by just mildly pressing your lips. The worst phase of the gloss comes when you have to remove it or when it gets washed off after some time; the shine goes but the glitters remain stuck to the lips for a long time.  They are difficult to remove even with a makeup remover and they will get all over the place and make you look all glittery.  This glitter really makes me feel uncomfortable.

Texture: Texture wise, the gloss is really smooth to apply and as it is clear, it does not even look streaky. It’s easy to apply with that long brush.  Its neither too thick nor watery.

Pigmentation: Power of Love is not at all pigmented; it’s a complete sheer gloss. It can be used alone if you want only shine, but in that case, the glitters might look a little weird. It looks good on lipsticks and is especially good for parties.

Staying Power: Staying power of the gloss is average, the shine remains for 2-3 hours without any meals and after a meal, the shine is completely gone, but the glitter remains forever. They will not allow your lips to look dull.  I seriously wish that the staying power of the glitter was a little less.


Applicator: It has a simple brush applicator which takes out a lot of product in one go and it some times becomes really difficult to manage the quantity of the required product, but this does not create a very big problem with this gloss as it is colorless and a little more quantity does not look bad.

Fragrance: The smell of this particular color is thankfully different from Copper Penny. It does have an artificial smell, but it is not too empowering, neither does it smell like cough syrup. The smell is gone within 2-3 minutes of application.


Pros of NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love:

  • Affordable.
  • Smooth and easy to apply.
  • Looks really beautiful in the packaging with a pink color and numerous sparkling particles.
  • Might look good if you are planning to go to a disco or a fancy party.

Cons of NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love:

  • Has loads of chunky glitter which feels very uncomfortable on the lips and difficult to remove.
  • Sheer completely.

Would I Repurchase NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love:

Never, will not even think of buying this color again. I cannot handle so much glitter.

Do I Recommend NYX Brush On Gloss – Power of Love?

If you are a glitter lover and can handle too much glitter on lips, then this is surely a product for you, otherwise, just stay away girls.

IMBB Rating:


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    1. i completely agree…..it looks so adorable in the tube….so pinky and so glittery *happydance* but on the lips *headbang*

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