NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Review

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Today’s review will be on a NYX lip gloss. Lets get started!

Price: 300 INR

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Open


NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Ingredients

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss is formulated with lanolin oil to moisturize and protect lips while offering a rainbow of beautiful color for your lips. Famous for its unique and stylish packaging, the gloss comes with a long black handle and a brush applicator for smooth and soft application. Featured multi-color to choose from including clear and shimmering color. Soft felt tip for easy application to give a flawless even gloss on lips.

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My Experience With NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss:

Packaging: The brush On lip glosses range from NYX comes in a rectangular tube packaging. It’s made out of clear plastic so it is easy to spot the colour in your stash. The applicator is pretty long. The brush is kind of stiff and tapers at the end. Its a very different applicator brush than most lip glosses offer, but I find this particular brush pretty easy to use. The packaging is sleek and the product doesn’t leak out, so it’s travel friendly.

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Packaging

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Bottle

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Applicator

Colour/Pigmentation: When I saw this online, I thought this would be a nice orangey lip gloss. But to my utter shock, this turned out to be golden in colour with lots of fine shimmer. When you put this on your lips with a light hand, it’s still decent. A few more coats and you look like some heroine from very old Bollywood films. I hate the yellowish undertone the lip gloss gives. The colour is what I despise the most. Pigmentation is good. Two coats are needed for an opaque finish.

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Shade

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Swatches

Texture: The consistency of the lip gloss is the only thing I like about this lip gloss. It’s creamy enough. It’s neither too thick nor too thin. It’s sticky; but the right kind of sticky. The shimmers are very finely milled so you don’t feel them when you purse your lips. The gloss moisturizes my lips when it’s on. It doesn’t exactly hydrate, but my lips do not feel dry after I remove this either.

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Open

Staying Power: It stays for about 3 hours but fades with a meal. As I said earlier, except for the texture, nothing is good about this gloss.

NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss Closed

Smell/Taste: If I say I hate the colour, then I hate the smell of it 10 times more. It’s horrendous! It’s like synthetic pineapple smell. It makes me want to puke. It’s that bad. Thankfully, it doesn’t linger. As per taste, I did not dare taste it!

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss:

• Nice sleek packaging.
• Decently priced.
• Good texture.
• Nicely pigmented.

Cons of NYX Brush On Oro Lip Gloss:

• Colour.
• Horrible smell.
• Low staying power.

IMBB Rating:
For this particular colour: 0 / 5
If the colour is ignored: 3 / 5

Final Verdict:
If the colour is good, I think we can bear a few cons here and there, but if the colour is like this, we ignore all the pros too! Definitely a Huge miss!

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