NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Skin Tone: Medium Olive

Hello, beauties!!

I was super excited to try the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream range, and I finally picked up this beautiful shade called ‘Cannes’. NYX lip creams are very popular and the range offers some really beautiful shades. These days I love n*de lip colors and this one is my favorite MLBB shade. Let’s get into the review.

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Price: $6 for 8ml
Product Description:
Now available in twelve more statement-making shades, our velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a NYX fan favorite.

My Experience with NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream:

The lip cream comes in a very simple but cute colour-coded tube with a velvety black cap. The product never leaks and it is very easy to carry around. The shade name is indicated at the bottom of the tube. It comes with a very nice applicator that spreads the colour evenly on the lips. The brush is of good quality and you can easily line your lips with it. I really like the packaging and overall quality of the product. These creams are decently priced too.

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Packaging

Shade and Pigmentation:
In India, NYX is offering 8 shades currently and I picked up this ‘Cannes’. It’s a very pretty n*de shade for all skin tones. The shade is actually a gorgeous earthy pink shade with a slight hint of mauve and that’s why it looks extremely natural on the lips. It has a dusky undertone and, on my medium skin, it looks like a perfect MLBB shade. It doesn’t have any shimmer in it. I can’t explain how much I love this shade! It goes well with any makeup look and it is a beautiful everyday shade. The shade is quite well pigmented and you only require two swipes for the color to show up properly. Otherwise you can build up the color, too.

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream

Texture and Quality:
The cream has that soft and creamy texture that glides super smoothly on the lips without any tugging. Thanks to the texture, the cream spreads evenly on the lips. It doesn’t feel patchy and it also doesn’t set quickly. So, I can easily layer it up. After a few minutes, it settles down to a perfect matte finish which looks stunning on the lips. Just like other perfect matte lipsticks, this one doesn’t transfer and doesn’t smudge. It stays on the lips perfectly without creating any mess.

It never feels extremely dry on the lips, like other liquid lipsticks. This lip cream feels comfortable on my normal lips, but it will definitely dry out chapped lips. If you have dry lips you can apply a lip balm but then the texture of the lip cream will get affected. So, if your lips are extremely dry, do this: apply a non-glossy lip balm, keep it on for a few seconds then blot the excess balm and apply the color on the lips. This will help you avoid extreme dryness. It generally doesn’t settle into the fine lines and never creases but it will bleed from the centre of the lips if you end up applying excess product. It also has a nice vanilla scent which doesn’t feel overpowering. It feels quite nice on the lips.

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Wand

Staying Power:
Like any other good matte lip color, this one too can survive for long, 7 hours to be precise. But, with a meal, it fades from the centre and it also can’t survive a heavy meal properly. It actually comes off with oily food from the centre and it becomes a little patchy and then reapplication is required. But reapplication never makes it patchy or uncomfortable.

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatch

So, overall, I am happy. It is easy to remove too. I love this shade and this is my go-to shade these days. It looks so natural and it is almost like a Kylie Jenner lip shade that we all want. The texture and formula are really nice and it is a long-wearing lip color.

NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Lip Swatch

Pros of NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream:

⦁ Pretty, color-coded packaging.
⦁ Leak-proof packaging.
⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Beautiful, natural-looking dusky pink shade.
⦁ Perfect n*de or MLBB shade for daily wear.
⦁ Suits all skin tones.
⦁ Decently pigmented.
⦁ Does not contain any shimmer.
⦁ Nice vanilla scent.
⦁ Super soft and creamy texture.
⦁ Glides smoothly and evenly.
⦁ Not a quick dry formula, so is easy to layer up.
⦁ Non-sticky and never feels extremely dry on the lips.
⦁ Sets to a perfect matte finish.
⦁ Doesn’t transfer and doesn’t settle into the lines.
⦁ Excellent staying power.
⦁ Easy to remove.

Cons of NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream:

⦁ Can’t survive a heavy meal.
⦁ Comes off with oily food.
⦁ Makes lips a little dry.

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream?
I would love to try out different shades, so I will surely purchase more shades. And, you all should give this beautiful shade a try too.

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6 thoughts on “NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

  1. This is a beautiful shade. I pick up a SMLP everytime I enter a NXY shop, they are simply irresistible. Lovely review and swatches. Loved your lip swatches, Chayanti!!

    1. Thank you Shweta..:) 🙂 u r so lucky.. There is no NYX store in Kolkata.. I totally love NYX’s products. They are simply awesome.

  2. i hav tried Miss claire 17A,,,which is the same shade as Cannes..however i wld luv to get my hands on NYX cannes..if theres any much difference between the two..as in shade or in the staying part….any suggetions?

    1. Yeah, I also have the Miss Claire one. Both are quite similar, but the 17A has more bright pink tone and this one is more neutral mauve-pink tone that looks exact a N*de shade or perfect MLBB shade. 17A looks brighter and deeper than this shade.. I hope it will help you 🙂 🙂

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